ML.NЕT - Preparing data for custom model training using C#

ML.NЕT - Preparing data for custom model training using C#


ML.NЕT is a robust framework for creating and using custom ML models. We will review how to train a custom model with ML.NЕT using the text data, inspect code pipelines involved with it.

We will then switch to the computer vision realm, will prepare and feed new image training data to the YOLOv4 model enabling it to detect new classes of objects. 

You will also learn how to use Google Colab notebooks for machine learning tasks. 

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About the Speaker

Maksym Pavlov is a Solutions Consultant at Ciklum. With 15 years of experience using .NЕT framework and Microsoft technology stack in general, Maksym has sharpened his skills on many projects as an Engineer, Application, and Solution Architect. Now Maksym is leading the .NЕT Unit.

We will discover

  • ML.NЕT Training custom model – text example
  • ML.NЕT and computer vision – YOLOv4 recap
  • Training custom YOLOv4 model with own data using Google Colab notebooks
  • Using C# to prepare training data for custom ML models