Mission "Punisher": 10 drones for UAH 20 000 000

Andriy Khlyvniuk, Ukrainian singer and producer, joins his efforts with IT Ukraine Association to fundraise for 10 Ukrainian reusable airstrike drones Punisher. Our financial goal is UAH 20 000 000. You could support our Mission "Punisher", find more information about fundraising and drones following the link https://donate.itukraine.org.ua/en.

Fundraising campaign is supported by the Charity organization “ANDRII KHLYVNIUK FUND”.

Combat wings for Ukraine are waiting for their mission. Let’s protect the sky together! Together win the war!

Andrii Khlyvniuk – Ukrainian singer, producer and volunteer who released numerous albums with the Бумбокс/Boombox band. On 25th of February Andriy switched from mic to the gun and became a member of Kyiv territorial defense. Now Andriy serves in the special subdivision of the National Police of Ukraine, detachment “Sophia”. 

The Ukrainian rebellion song “Oy u luzi chervona kalyna” performed by Andriy became the war anthem. The Kiffness (blogger and musician) created the march version of the song, David Gilmour and the Pink Floyd released their vision of the song as a single "Hey, Hey Rise Up!", which has reached the top positions in charts of 40 countries.  

IT Ukraine Association is the largest community of IT companies, uniting 118 participants and 80 000 Ukrainian IT specialists. The association consolidates the interests of business, government and international partners for the development of the IT industry in Ukraine as well as to promote the brand of Ukraine as a leading technological nation.