Miratech's Testimonial on participation in IT Ukraine

Mykola Roenko

Mykola Roenko

Founder and President in Miratech

The need of enterprises (or employees) to communicate with colleagues, share thoughts, share experiences, jointly solve common problems is an objective basis for the fact that there are many different associations in the world - sectoral, professional, territorial, scientific, sports, and others. Many of them unite in their ranks a huge number of members.

Before 2004 Ukraine had no local IT-association, but the need for communication did not disappear, so IT-companies had to discuss their problems within the association of software developers of Russia, Ukraine and the Republic of Belarus. It turned out that in order to exchange views on Ukrainian problems it was necessary to go to St. Petersburg, where was the headquarters of this association located. And it looked illogical, as every year our countries gained more and more legislative and other differences. It was in St. Petersburg, at the regular conference on outsourcing, when the leaders of six Ukrainian IT-companies got the idea of creating their own industry association.

From the first day of the foundation of IT Ukraine, we treat the Association as its own brainchild, as a platform for constructive communication and joint efforts in order to solve a particular issue related to standardization, training of personnel, legislative regulation of the industry. Miratech has never approached the Association as an external service that should provide some services for the funds it receives. We are the owners of our Association, we decide whether necessary or not are membership fees and what is their amount. From this point of view, if we feel that we need to change something in its activities, then nobody will do it besides ourselves.

As for the young team that works today in the administration of the Association, we are impressed with all their recent initiatives concerning rebranding, new site, conferences, international cooperation, PR, educational programs and more. We always support constructive initiatives and the executive team can be sure of our help.