Miratech's Testimonial on participation in IT Ukraine

Mykola Roenko

Mykola Roenko

Founder and President in Miratech

Miratech was at the origins of the Association. Together with Profix, SoftServe and Softline, we founded the Association in 2004. I was elected as a charter president of the Association that year and three more times in the future.

This became a strategic decision for Miratech, as we are the first outsourcing company in Ukraine, founded in 1989.

The main goals of the Association were lobbying of the IT industry in Ukraine, development of education and staff training and representation of the Ukrainian IT industry in the world. These goals remain relevant today. The democratic principles of the organization of the Association allow it to attract new members, as the participating companies do not feel like extras, receive the necessary assistance and participate in interesting projects.

During all these years, the Ukrainian IT industry has developed steadily and dynamically, and the Association, in turn, has become more mature. Today, the export of IT services from Ukraine is more than five billion dollars a year, and the Association has become a united voice of the industry in dialogue with the state.

The Association represents Ukraine in the international association WITSA, European Digital Europe, as well as in several other international projects.

The IT business constantly demonstrates a high level of social responsibility. The Association has initiated a number of projects aimed at solving the most important issues of Ukraine today. This happened in 2004, 2014 and 2020.

Our company, which today provides IT services worldwide and is international, has always been an active member of the Association.

I am proud to have been with my colleagues since the very beginning of the Association.