Military units taking initiative in implementing innovative IT products

Military units taking initiative in implementing IT products

Military units and divisions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) have accelerated the implementation of innovative IT products to improve their mobility and efficiency, shares Oleg Shcherbatenko, CEO and co-founder of the Ukrainian product company IT-Enterprise.

We have been cooperating with the military for a long time, so I can see that the AFU are making great progress in digitizing their accounting and management processes. Before the full-scale invasion, the AFU’s units and divisions had shown a gradual approach while implementing IT innovations to promote efficiency and mobility. However, it is the last six months that the digitization rates have grown dramatically, reveals Mr. Shcherbatenko.

IT-Enterprise CEO admits that the previously common practice of paper-based or spreadsheet-based accounting has proved to be unreliable, inconvenient and inefficient. Nevertheless, as the situation is gaining momentum, those military units that have switched to digital workflow are showing higher efficiency.

At the beginning of the full-scale war, we were collaborating with around 50 military units using our IT-product MASTER, which offers a broad spectrum of accounting solutions. Now the number of such customers has increased manyfold.

We are supporting the Ukrainian army, particularly by providing new versions of our IT products. This has helped our military to make a difference in managing their structural units, now having simpler and smoother processes. Cutting-edge solutions are being involved in accounting, logistics, supply chain, human resources and finance, the expert explains.

According to Mr. Shcherbatenko, these factors are especially valuable in the current war conditions. The number of personnel, machines and management processes has grown geometrically, so the speed of decision-making and execution is crucial for the success of military operations as much as for people’s lives.

More and more military units are interested in migrating to modern IT products. Their representatives are attending webinars and organizing internal training on the subject.

As stated previously by the IT-Enterprise CEO, the first and foremost goal for Ukraine’s public and business information security is to fully abandon russian IT products (1C, UA-Budger, Complex budgeting systems, Elba, AmoCRM, Bitrix24, Megaplan, and the like) along with their versions that have been rebranded and registered in Europe (BAS etc.) Before February 24, up to 80% of commercial companies in the small business segment were reported to use the russian accounting software 1C and its derivatives.