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IT Ukraine members contribute to the victory of Ukraine

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The IT industry has been continuing working tirelessly and supporting financially the Armed Forces and the Country overall. So, during the last few days, 250 thermal imagers totaling $ 400,000 purchased by members of the IT Ukraine Association arrived in Ukraine. Only during the first days of the War, the community raised more than $ 25 million for the needs of the country: $ 11 million for humanitarian purposes, $ 8 million for advance tax payment and $ 6 million for military support. 

The numbers are certainly impressive, but the question - who is behind them - remains open. 

Together with the IT Ukraine Association team, we are beginning a series of publications on the contribution of the Association's companies to the victory of Ukraine.


Employee support. The company managed to evacuate 95% of the team, help them with resettlement, and provide an opportunity to work. Everyone was paid a salary in advance, as well as $ 500 support funds. A special policy has been developed for colleagues who decided to join the Armed Forces of Ukraine or the Territorial Defense Forces: apart from additional support for the equipment purchase, they retain their pre-War compensation and jobs. 

Armed Forces Support. AltexSoft actively supports the Army. The company responded rapidly at the request of one tank brigade and in a few hours raised UAH 142,000 required for generators they needed. UAH 154,000 was raised for the handheld transceivers purchase needed by the same brigade. Fundraising for bulletproof vests for Kharkiv and for the purchase of high-security kits in Israel is ongoing. UAH 554,000 has already been collected.


Within a number of initiatives, the company #CiklumStandsWithUkraine directed funds to several main purposes, including: assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine; support for colleagues and their relatives - in particular, in relocation and resettlement in safer places; support for charity organizations and humanitarian initiatives for Ukrainian military and civilian needs.

Ciklum sent UAH 1.5 million directly to the Armed Forces.

Investors and top management of Ciklum directed UAH 40 million to charity organizations that help the Armed Forces and citizens.

Ciklum invested UAH 118 million in colleagues’ and their families’ resettlement to safer locations - more than 4,200 Ukrainians in total have been evacuated. 

Within the internal charity platform From Patriots to Patriots, Ciklum specialists have donated more than $ 40,000 since the beginning of the year to charitable organizations – “Army SOS”, “Combat UA”, “Tabletochki”, and since the beginning of the War - to a special account of the National Bank of Ukraine to help the Army.

Ciklum donated 38 laptops to the Return Alive Foundation.

Ciklum specialists have organized or participated in dozens of charitable initiatives: from collecting and delivering humanitarian aid to crowdfunding equipment for the Defenders of Ukraine.


Employee support. Since the beginning of War 6 employees were in hotspots of Ukraine. 3 of them managed to be evacuated, for the rest the company is currently looking for safe exit opportunities. The company has evacuated 70 people in total to safer areas. All employees were provided with financial support. The company saved jobs for everyone, provided equipment for further work. Psychological support is provided additionally to employees and their relatives. The company supports 3 employees who joined the Armed Forces. They retain jobs and salaries. 

Armed Forces Support. Almost all employees of the company support the Armed Forces financially and work in the information field to the extent possible. 

Humanitarian aid. Since the beginning of the War, lots of employees have been volunteering: collecting and delivering medication and other necessary for our defenders materials. We actively support hospitals and infirmaries by providing medicines. The Zaporizhzhya Army was provided with computers. 

Government support. The company pays all necessary taxes. Clients get quality services and tasks performance, even at this time. 

Clients’ Employee and Armed Forces Support. The company's clients actively support the Army, raise funds and search for necessary supplies for the Armed Forces. Clients have refused to work with the country-aggressor in support of our country.


The company organized the newsletter for clients about the War in Ukraine and thus rose $ 60,000 aid from clients. Since February 24 the source has been working to preserve historical data on the position of famous russian and Ukrainian people about the War in Ukraine. The support team organized the 24-hour-web-site monitoring of region hromads (69 monitored web-sites as of March 22). Currently, the company is preparing to register a volunteer organization that will inter alia provide assistance to the local (Zhytomyrska and Oliyivkaska Territorial Defense Forces in Zhytomyr region) Territorial Defense Forces, homeless animals and low-income locals during the War as well as after the victory.

Grid Dynamics

Grid Dynamics and British Red Cross humanitarian aid fundraising campaign to Ukraine. In partnership with the British Red Cross Society, Grid Dynamics launched an internal humanitarian aid fundraising campaign to Ukraine. It has been joined by current and former specialists, and Grid Dynamics itself pledged to double the amount. As of March 22, more than £ 202,000 had been raised ( ≈ UAH 8 million). By that point, the company had already transferred UAH 1 million to start this campaign. All funds raised will be used to provide support to Ukrainian citizens affected by the War. 

Specialist support. Since the first days of the War Grid Dynamics has been supporting its specialists. Evacuation from central and eastern Ukraine (mainly from Kharkiv, Kyiv and Dnipro) to Lviv, as well as buses to Poland and Moldova were organized. The Lviv office has already hosted and resettled more than 350 people (colleagues, their families and friends), equipped more than 100 beds in the office and a playroom for kids. The company provides accommodation in hotels (primarily for families with children and people with special needs) in cities and towns of the region and neighboring areas at its own expense. The volunteer team works 24/7 to meet, feed and host everyone. 

Special focus is held on coordination and logistics: the company searches for transport, collects information on the current state of the roads, provides recommendations on the safest routes and helps with accommodation options for people from all cities without any exception. A chatbot that allows you to share your location en route was developed. The process of transportation and settlement in Poland has been established. There are coordinators in Poland and Moldova who accompany staff from abroad.


Infopulse IT company, a peer of the Ukrainian independence, has been making every effort to support its country from the first days of the russian invasion. As a duty it considers help to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, to support our specialists and their families, to ensure the continuity of services to customers, thus helping the economy of Ukraine.

Armed Forces Support, Humanitarian Aid. Infopulse has already transferred to one of the largest Foundation, “Return Alive”, UAH 3,000,000 to help the Ukrainian soldiers. 33 laptops were also sent to the Foundation for Ukrainian Air Defense and another 18 laptops for the Territorial Defense Forces of Lviv and Ukrainian Armed Forces. Thanks to the technology, information from Air Defense command posts will be available in real time to operators of anti-aircraft missile systems. In addition to supporting the Ukrainian Army, the company joins other initiatives aimed at helping the civilians. Infopulse transferred UAH 100,000 to Lviv IT cluster for the refugee points equipment. Infopulse specialists have always been a socially responsible community. The volunteer movement is an important part of the company's culture, and now the powerful strength of this community is felt more than ever. Specialists support colleagues and their relatives who find themselves in difficult circumstances, provide housing for those who have moved or are on the road, and help with the administration of new urgent tasks that have arisen in connection with the War. Many people volunteer in their free time, raise funds and involve colleagues in their initiatives. Thanks to joint efforts, the specialists managed to collect more than UAH 3 million, which was used for more than 160 initiatives - for the purchase of medicines, ammunition, humanitarian aid, computer equipment and other needs of Territorial Defense Forces, the Armed Forces and civilians. The company strives to provide a more systematic approach to the organization of assistance and has intensified cooperation with its long-term reliable partner - the charity fund "Children of Hope and Love", where contributions from the company, foreign colleagues, partners and customers are accumulated. 

Specialists support. The Rapid Response Team, which was established in the beginning of 2022, continues to help with the transfer and evacuation of specialists and their families, assists with housing in the company's centers in Vinnytsia, Khmelnytsky and Lviv, and with the relocation and resettlement of those who could cross the borders of Poland and Bulgaria. The company has taken care of more than 1,000 adults and more than 250 children in total. All specialists who needed help received shelter thanks to our administrative teams in Lviv and Vinnytsia, where even the offices were equipped for staying the night and having temporary rest. 

Support from the parent company. The parent company Tietoevry has also been working to support Ukraine. One of the steps was Tietoevry's exit from russia. Another step was 100,000 euros financial assistance to the Red Cross charity. Tietoevry continues to actively support Infopulse specialists and their families in Ukraine, providing assistance at all levels. The company's clients understand the situation in which specialists find themselves, offer families help with housing in Europe, transfer funds to support the Ukrainian Army and humanitarian projects, and, most importantly, continue and expand cooperation with Infopulse.

"Together we help the Russian ship, plane, tank and soldier to get to where the defenders of Zmiilyi Island sent them faster!" 


All members of the IT Ukraine Association could take part in the publication of the following material. Contact person: Maryna Kalynovska, project manager (