IT Ukraine members contribute to the victory of Ukraine p5

IT Ukraine members contribute to the victory of Ukraine

Edition 5

Over two months of the War IT industry has been able to survive, to preserve its operational activities and to actively support the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the State overall during all this time. Together with the IT Ukraine Association team, we are continuing a series of publications on the contribution of the Association's companies to the victory of Ukraine.


Agiliway has been actively supporting Ukraine since the first day of the War on all fronts. To support the Ukrainian economy, the company transferred the annual tax in advance.

Armed Forces Support. In cooperation with Lviv and Chernivtsi IT clusters, the company purchased in Israel several thermal imagers, night vision devices, and personal protective equipment (body armors and helmets) for the Ukrainian soldiers. At the time of the article publication, the company is waiting for the same help from the United States. Agiliway has also purchased abroad lots of turnstiles, sights, weapon mounts, meteorological stations, handheld transceivers and formed NATO-standart first aid kits. Agiliway has already collected over UAH 2 million for these needs.

In addition to regular monthly money transfers from the company and team members (on volunteer basis), it was taken care of the delivery of the necessary ammunition, equipment, uniforms and medications at the front in time. Knee pads, flashlights, raincoats, gloves, fabrics for body armor were bought as well. And in each parcel various bonuses for the military members are added: condensed milk, coffee, cigarettes, cookies, stews and other delicacies.

Volunteering. One of the employees, together with his friends, cleared 8 bomb shelters of rubbish, dust and garbage, thus preparing the premises for people staying there during air alerts. Another staff member oversaw the delivery of large consignments of humanitarian aid from abroad by finding Warehouses, drivers and people in need. Lots of employees sheltered displaced persons at their homes or found housing for them in other cities.

Assistance was also provided on the information front. Since the beginning of the War the marketing department team together with volunteers (including those from other departments) have been spreading truthful information worldwide, prepared press releases, articles, translations, collected material for military methodologies, distributed them in popular formats, and raised information on the humanitarian situation in the field.

Employee Support. The company's offices in Lviv, Chernivtsi and Krakow are open uninterruptedly for our employees’ convenience. They are also open and operate for the temporary stay of both our staff and people who have come from other regions while we look for more comfortable housing for them.

The company was the first in Ukraine to launch Starlink Internet in Lviv and had been preparing for it even before the War. And in Chernivtsi it was connected during the first few weeks of the War. In addition, the company specialists are helping to launch the Internet to other companies from the beginning of a full-scale invasion. A Starlink installation guide has also been created (available on the DOU).

Agiliway also provides the psychological support to the employees by holding webinars with counselors on operation and working during the War.

CHІ Software

Army Support. The peaceful future of Ukraine and its success on the diplomatic front now depend on the resilience of our defenders. The whole CHI SoftWare team strives to approach the long-awaited victory day:

  • Since the beginning of military actions, the company has been weekly transferring funds to help the Ukrainian Army.
  • The President of the company, Yevhen Chernyak, personally donated UAH 3 million to support the Armed Forces. 
  • The company donated Warm vests and heaters to the Red Cross Society. 
  • Part of the funds raised by CHI SoftWare during operating commercial projects was transferred directly to the account of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and the rest - to humanitarian aid. 

Charitable Initiative. The software team created a mobile application "BE WITH UA". The company decided to combine two useful things: to help our Army financially and to spread the of the Western Ukrainian dialect knowledge ("Lviv Gvar"). The idea of ​​the application is very simple: the user plays a quiz, watches commercials during the quiz; the money from viewings is transferred to the needs of the Armed Forces. The application "BE WITH UA" can be downloaded both in Google Play and in the App Store - the company invites everyone to join the charity initiative. 

Volunteering. In Wartime, the company's employees have the internal resources to volunteer. They focus their efforts on purchasing ammunition for the military, food and clothing for civilians, and pet food. In addition, team members join the ranks of the Armed Forces and the Cyber ​​Front. Everyone should be helpful where possible. 

Employee Support. Since the beginning of the War, the company has been helping team members evacuate from dangerous regions and find temporary housing in safer areas. Employees can also receive free psychological support both in Ukraine and abroad. 

Two focal points were established: the CHI SoftWare Ukrainian Relocation Office and the CHI SoftWare European Relocation Office. They include legal and financial departments, as well as HR-managers’ and Marketing Experts’ teams. Coordination centers serve as a communication platform for the useful links and important information exchange. It is much easier to go through difficult times together.

CNA International IT

Although the team believed the best, the agency's top management was preparing for a possible invasion of the aggressor country in advance. As part of business continuity, the company has prepared several options in case of various force majeure situations: transferred certain contracts to foreign companies, devised alternative communication channels to ensure continuous communication, revised advertising and marketing budget for rational use of funds. All employees received letters with locations that can be used as intermediates in western Ukraine for temporary housing. From the first days of the War the company succeeded in: 

  • Enlisting support of the British Head office, which proposed a relocation program for the families of Ukrainian employees. 
  • Ensuring functioning of all key business processes of the company. 
  • Reorienting activities to candidates who had already lived in European countries at that time. 
  • Assisting evacuation of team members and their families in danger
  • Maintaining stability of wage payments even in times of volatile incomes that sag for several weeks. 
  • Providing psychological and emotional support to team members who need it.
  • Creating a Telegram channel with useful materials for those who moved abroad. 
  • Participating in cyber and information Warfare ensuring spreading truthful information about events and refuting fakes. 
  • Organizing volunteer activities to support the Armed Forces, to provide hospitals with the necessary medical equipment and tools, and to deliver and supply humanitarian aid to the cities most affected by russian aggression. 
  • Creating and joining new partnerships with international charities and foundations to ensure further help for Ukraine to withstand in this War.

De facto, the team has divided into 2 areas of responsibility - those who are involved only in recruiting and communicating with clients, communicating with new ones - whose flow surprisingly has not decreased; and those who spent more time on logistics and communication with direct suppliers, because the company did not manage to deliver everything on time through intermediaries.

During the War, the company's team transferred USD 280,000 worth of 220+ vacuum pumps and component systems to clinics and hospitals, some of which were purchased from the Slovak company CNA IT without VAT. Logistics were honed for up to 5 days from northern Germany to Dnipro, and some hospitals were supplied only by the company - while large governmental funds and the State were looking for those responsible and building logistics. Also, 3,400 turnstiles were purchased from the United States and delivered directly to 16 battalions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The team has organized 4 cars 4*4 to the front during 4 months, donated 1 car to Kyiv Territorial Defense Forces, assembled UAH 518,000 worth of thermal imagers, binoculars, handheld transceivers, monoblocks, uniforms, etc. for the military needs and military units where friends, candidates, clients and relatives are currently serving. Fundraising has started through the GoFundMe platform, which has attracted 30+ acquaintances from other countries. The team also helps the eco-village in Cherkasy region, which now accepts 30-50 new displaced persons every day with material equipment. 7 families who have moved abroad and to western Ukraine provide shelter for refugees in their homes.


From the first day of hostilities, Codebridge Company has been involved in volunteer and financial aid to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Territorial Defense Forces, and has ensured the smooth team operation to be economic front fighters of our country.

Employee Support. The evacuation and resettlement at a hotel in one of the locations in Ukraine was organized. All jobs and full salary payments have been saved. The hiring and on-boarding of who were to join the company before the War has not stopped. Codebridge supports employees who serve in the Territorial Defense Forces and the Armed Forces. They have undertaken the full salary payment for the period of service.

Support for Ukraine. A volunteer fund was allocated from the company's budget. The company is actively involved in volunteering and the Territorial Defense Forces assistance. The latter were provided with a batch of first-aid kits, turnstiles, tactical pouches, and everyday life stuff. Three battalions - in Kyiv, near Kyiv and one in the region - were provided by thermal imagers. The company regularly helps the Armed Forces with instruments and other needed equipment repair stuff. In particular, it purchased the equipment repair components for one of the units of the Armed Forces. It also helps in finding and buying bulletproof vests and helmets. The company also shares an interview with Junior QA Engineer, the Captain of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Pavel Stepanov.

Cprime Studios

One of the key values ​​of Сprime Studios is the support and the involvement of the family. Therefore, the company, first of all, took care of the safety of colleagues and their families. The company relocated everyone to the west of the country, provided comfortable conditions, and continued to plan other help to be provided.

Armed Forces Support. The company actively supported the Armed Forces during the difficult times of 2014. Today, it is helping even more effectively: on the very first day of the War, the company donated UAH 300,000 to support the Army, colleagues on the home front joined volunteer work and cyber Warfare, overcoming the enemy in the digital space. Both in 2014 and now, members of the team in the ranks of the Armed Forces and the Territorial Defense Forces are defending the country with weapons in their hands and repelling the enemy. 

Supplies from Poland and Romania have been established and UAH 500,000 worth of 100 stocked military first aid kits, turnstiles and medicines for hospitals, tactical belts and bags, ballistic glasses and much more worth over have been handed over to the Armed Forces in cooperation with the IT Dnipro Community

Together with the community, funds for helmets were raised and a consignment of 130 units was received. Now there is a need for "Furia" unmannered aerial vehicle, so we are actively continuing our work. 

Volunteering. The company has launched a centralized Cprime Donations Chat with proven contacts and volunteers. The main goal is to promptly cover the urgent needs of the Armed Forces and the Territorial Defense Forces, to help children with mothers who have suffered from russian aggression and abandoned animals. 

Employees of the company purchase at their own expenses humanitarian aid provide vital medicines that are currently lacking in the country, provide shelter to those who have been forced to leave their homes and provide soldiers with the necessities: ammunition, handheld transceivers, tablets, etc. 

Specialist Support. Cprime Studios has kept all jobs and salaries in full for those at the forefront and those in the home front. The company pays taxes, works and provides jobs. We also feel unprecedented support from Western clients and partners. Many of them joined the financial support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 

Also, the company strengthened communication with teams and took care of the psychological state of employees. Anyone who wishes and without time restrictions can receive free counseling and legal support. 

We know that a victorious future awaits us, so the main goal now for those who have the opportunity to work is to support each other and the country's economy in order to rebuild our home country.

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