IT Ukraine members contribute to the victory of Ukraine p4

IT Ukraine members contribute to the victory of Ukraine

Edition 4

Over two months of the War IT industry has been able to survive, to preserve its operational activities and to actively support the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the State overall during all this time. Together with the IT Ukraine Association team, we are continuing a series of publications on the contribution of the Association's companies to the victory of Ukraine.


TECHIIA: People Remain in Focus. During the War, the holding company has transformed its work. The task is to continue to develop businesses and at the same time to provide Ukraine with humanitarian aid. Recently, the IT Ukraine Association and the “Techiia Foundation” non-governmental organization, which implements humanitarian projects in the direction of "Freedom of Ukraine Support", signed a Memorandum of Cooperation. The Foundation has also announced a partnership with the IT Dnipro Community.

Employee Support. In the first week of the War, the holding company drew up a plan of relocation and working process in extreme conditions. The company rented a hotel in western Ukraine for colleagues who wanted to move to a safer region. About 100 people took advantage of the offer - TECHIIA employees and their relatives. A corporate service for the delivery of necessities to those who stayed in Kyiv and could not leave home was organized as well. Employees were paid in advance for 2-3 months. 

Funds for the health insurance payment were directed by the holding to the newly created fund to help employees in extremely difficult conditions (severe injuries, disability, etc.). However, anyone who needs medical support will be able to get advice by phone or other means of communication.

But the most important thing is the each others’ support. Internal communications, lectures on first aid, sessions with counselors and meetings of teams with managers - all this has helped to resist psychologically, to understand the upcoming changes, to be ready for them and to continue to work despite all the difficulties.

Defender Support. The “Techiia Foundation” non-governmental organization started a new area of ​​work - "Freedom of Ukraine Support". As part of the new program, USD 12.5 million (UAH 363 million) worth of humanitarian aid for the defenders of Ukraine and internally displaced persons was purchased. Binoculars and accessories (USD 4.5 million), FlyEye unmanned aerial vehicles (USD 1.13 million), clothing and equipment (USD 755 thousand), diesel generators (USD 149 thousand), drones and accessories (USD 113 thousand), radio equipment (USD 4 thousand), food for displaced persons (USD 13.7 thousand). 

Culver Aviation, an air monitoring services manufacturer, handed over six self-manufactured unmanned aerial vehicles SKIF and laptops worth more than USD 164,000 (UAH 4.8 million) to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In addition, the company has launched free courses and has been helping displaced persons to get a new job as unmanned aerial vehicles operators.

War Victim Support. The IT product company JMIND team alongside volunteers developed a free mobile application Blend Social. It allows you to get or provide assistance conveniently and quickly. Food, clothing, shelter, transport, accommodation - anyone can leave a request or place an invitation. Available in any country all over the world.

Business Relations Severance with belarussia and russia. WePlay Holding e-sports corporate group has stopped cooperating with all partners from russia and belarussia. WePlay Esports, the WePlay Holding flagship company, has also decided to freeze its current russian-language projects and focus on developing Ukrainian-language e-sports events.

Cooperation with the aggressor countries has also been stopped by the ENESTECH SoftWare product company. SENET, its cloud platform for managing gaming computers and consoles in cyber clubs, which operates in more than 60 countries, has finally left the russian and belarusian markets. In addition, ENESTECH SoftWare terminated all commercial contracts with russian brands and stopped providing services to computer clubs in russia and belarussia.

Charitable E-sports Initiatives. The WePlay Compete tournament platform, one of the products of WePlay Holding, has launched a series of online Dota 2 and LoL tournaments in support of the Ukrainian Army - Play for Ukraine. All prize money that players will make during the matches will be transferred to the Armed Forces support funds. The tournaments will last daily up to the end of the War in Ukraine. Anyone from anywhere in the world can take part in the initiative, except for residents of russia and belarussia.

In addition, WePlay Holding and Reface joined the #StreamersWithUkraine charity marathon launched by Organization.GG. The campaign started on March 24. All this time, any influencer, streamer or company, regardless of the number of the audience, can take part in the marathon and help raise USD 1 million for the humanitarian needs of Ukraine. All funds raised will go directly to “Razom” and “Nova Ukraine” non-profit organizations that help Ukrainians.

Support for Ukraine at the International Level. The “Techiia Foundation” NGO joined the global initiative #StandwithUkraine. Words of support for Ukraine from successful and influential people are heard through the WePlay Esports Arena L.A. in Los Angeles. A model May Musk, a director Roland Emmerich, a Belgian Ambassador to the United States Gunter Sleuvagen, an IT entrepreneur Andriy Komarovsky, a car-sharing business owner Ivan Agapchev, and an entrepreneur Anna Sherman have already expressed their solidarity with the Ukrainian people. The founders of the holding plan to increase their contribution to overcoming the humanitarian, economic catastrophe and to the victory of Ukraine. To do this, the part of the team that is able to fulfill its obligations to foreign partners will work. Others work with volunteers to effectively help everyone who needs it.

Top Lead

Support Ukraine Media Project in Information Resistance Framework. 

This is the UA War Infographics Telegram channel. Top Lead specializes in data visualization, and this is the expertise that can be useful in the information War. The company prepares infographics for the channel on the consequences of the War, including: 

The company is doing this project on its own, for free, and all the infographic is free to distribute to other media. TopLead content is distributed through the channels of the General Staff, the Armed Forces, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, and private channels. Some days the channel reaches 300,000 views and 3,000 shares.


Ubisoft Ukraine Employee Support. The company provided financial assistance to each of the ~1,100 members of the Ukrainian teams to cover extraordinary expenses and paid their salaries in advance. The support fund amounted to EUR 1 million. Employees were offered alternative housing in neighboring countries, and a special hotline was set up to receive personalized assistance. 

Humanitarian Aid for Ukrainian Citizens Needs. Ubisoft donated to the Ukrainian Red Cross and the “Save the Children” international non-governmental organization to help meet the urgent needs of the Ukrainian citizens. The company continues to consider humanitarian aid to Ukraine through international and local funds, and Ubisoft employees from around the world make donations to help Ukrainians. The total amount of Ubisoft's donation for humanitarian aid is EUR 200,000.

Ubisoft Official Statement.


Humanitarian Aid. Since the beginning of the War, there were several volunteer initiatives from the company's consultants, which have grown into the global V_Volunteer initiative. Valtech Ukraine initiates regular payments and each consultant has the opportunity to donate a % or fixed amount of compensation each month in support of Ukraine against the Russian invasion. Thus, since April, the company has been donating ≈40,000 EUR monthly depending on income, and thanks to this initiative, the aid becomes consistent, predictable, and stable. All funds are directed to:

  • Production of body armor: the company directly supports the manufacturer. 
  • Cars for the Army: 4x4 - jeeps, pickups, buses. 
  • Support of the military hospital in Dnipro. 
  • Support for shelters and refugees in Dnipro. 
  • Medicines in short supply: the company itself purchases and transports. 
  • Support for Chernihiv volunteers: direct acquaintances’ support. 
  • Humanitarian aid of Kharkiv. Special equipment for the Army: starlings (the company has already purchased and donated to the needs of cities - Chernihiv, Kharkiv, Kyiv, Dnipro, Chernivtsi and others), helmets, harnesses, fuel, night vision devices, food, etc. (direct support exclusively for specific needs, usually for the soldiers at the forefront).


Employee support. Employees of the company self-organized and are helping the country in the ranks of the Territorial Defense Forces or volunteers. Families of those who have been mobilized or been fully involved in territorial defense are paid USD 1000-2000 financial assistance, depending on the number of family members. The same amount is received by colleagues who do not have the Internet, electricity, have dependents who cannot be left and evacuated. Currently, 8 employees are in the Armed Forces and the Territorial Defense Forces, including Yevhen Fedchenko - all of them are getting help from the company.

The company evacuated all those wishing from Kyiv, paid all salaries, provided psychological support to employees and offered individual sessions by qualified counselors.

The company helps with legal issues, finds housing in safe areas, allocates funds for relocation abroad and keeps in touch with each employee. Currently, most employees work and stay in safe areas - in western Ukraine (64%) and in Europe (16%). 

Armed Forces Support. The company transferred UAH 2.8 million for the needs of the Ukrainian Army.  

Humanitarian Aid - Zoola Charity. In peacetime, the company's staff helped animal shelters and the elderly. During the War, the program has expanded to help the Armed Forces and volunteers. To every dollar donated Zoolatech adds a dollar, so the company doubles any donation amount up to USD 500. In total, USD 23,000 was donated to the Armed Forces and to the Return Alive Charitable Foundation.


All members of the IT Ukraine Association could take part in the publication of the following material. Contact person: Maryna Kalynovska, project manager (