IT Ukraine members contribute to the victory of Ukraine p2

IT Ukraine members contribute to the victory of Ukraine

Edition 2

Over the first months of the War IT industry has been able to reformat, to preserve its operational activities and to actively support the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the state overall during all this time. Together with the IT Ukraine Association team, we are continuing a series of publications on the contribution of the Association's companies to the victory of Ukraine.


Armed Forces Support. The company actively supports the Armed Forces. During the first days of the War, UAH 250 000 were sent for the Army necessities. The company also donates to soldiers 5% of sales of all courses.

Volunteering. The Ukrainian EdTech-company GoIT started a free IT-professions educational project for Ukrainians. GoIT team has received almost 3000 applications. Online courses on HTML+CSS and JavaScript have been launched. The first group’s graduation is already in April. In the near future a few more programs will be available.


Armed Forces Support. The company actively supports the Ukrainian Army from the beginning of the military aggression. Intellias team collected more than UAH 2 million and to be donated to the Return Alive Foundation, which will acquire drones and other necessary equipment for soldiers.

A separate money collection for the National Bank of Ukraine account was opened. These funds were redistributed among different units of the Armed Forces. To date, more than UAH 1 million has been collected.

Volunteers from Intellias are actively involved in various local Ukraine support initiatives: find the necessary gear and equipment for the Army, provide humanitarian aid to those who need it the most and in cooperation with Prozorro participate in the development of a logistics system by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine request.

Intellias initiated a UAH 3 million fund-raiser on the "Cars for Defenders "Project. In partnership with Winner Group Ukraine, it is planned to purchase 20 pickups and jeeps. The fundraising has begun on the Intellias corporate donation platform - IntelliShare. Contributions can be made by anyone willing at More than a half of the funds required have already been collected.

Employee support. Within the business continuity plan framework developed even before the Military Actions of the Emergency Response Group (Emergency Response Team), which included SEO and Intellias’ Top Managers, the company establishes its processes as follows:

  • Organizes the evacuation of team members and their families to safe regions of Ukraine and abroad.
  • Compensates evacuation costs for the evacuated and provides the opportunity to get an advance on the next salary.
  • Provides mental health support - the possibility of an individual session with a counselor, a group therapy, a variety of lectures, webinars, etc.
  • Provides open and rapid communication within the company. In addition to regular online meetings of SEO with all the team, daily mailing and corporate website updates, the company has created additional communication channels in Telegram for each individual office. In addition to it, an emergency channel in Teams and hotline were created.

All mobilized Intellias’ employees, as well as those who previously joined the Territorial Defense Forces receive Military Leave Package. Employees gone to protect the country are provided with funds for the purchase of necessary equipment. In addition, these colleagues receive monthly compensation for their families for half a year or until the returning of the mobilized to work. During this period the company pays their taxes as well.

Some Intellias’ employees are still in dangerous regions of Ukraine. Some of these professionals are not yet planning to evacuate due to personal circumstances. The company has been constantly supporting communication with them.


Armed Forces Support and Humanitarian Aid. Since JEVERA was founded in Chernihiv and that is where the R&D is located, the support to this city and the region as a whole has become a priority for ​​aid. The JEVERA team together with partners launched a campaign to donate to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Chernobyl Region Territorial Defense Forces, humanitarian needs, etc.

After two weeks of active work on spreading information about the campaign and negotiations with European business, the team managed to achieve the first results:

  • Families with children evacuated from Chernihiv were given clothes and food.
  • Territorial Defense Forces of Chernihiv and Kyiv regions got chainsaws, axes, thermal underwear, mobile phones, flashlights, power banks, batteries and accumulators.

We also managed to order and deliver some defense equipment:

  • 2 night vision devices (€ 700 in total).
  • 400 handheld transceivers have already arrived from Greece (€ 8K in total).
  • 183 drones are being delivered from Greece and Romania (€ 320K in total).
  • 300 helmets are being delivered from France (€ 86K in total).

JEVERA and its reliable partners continue to work on the information support of the campaign in Ukraine, in the EU, especially in Cyprus, as well as on the organization of equipment supplies to Ukraine and on the evacuation of Chernihiv residents.

Kevuru Games

Armed Forces Support and Humanitarian Aid. The company has donated more than UAH 1 million to the Army and humanitarian aid. Thus, about UAH 600,000 were provided for the needs of the Armed Forces (bulletproof vests, drones, thermal imagers); UAH 500,000 for medical kits; UAH 23,000 for the needs of volunteers in Kyiv and Uzhhorod.

Kevuru Games plans to continue to monthly pledge at least UAH 1 million to support the Army and volunteers and encourages all GameDev companies to do the same. Every aid, whether it is one hryvnia or a million, brings Ukraine closer to victory.

Volunteering. In addition to financial support for the Army and assistance in purchasing the necessary equipment, Kevuru Games employees volunteer.

So, one of the employees together with her partner decided to repurpose his clothing shop to the assault vests sewing point. These are special vests with many pockets, where you can put magazines, grenades etc.

Another colleague relocated to the Netherlands, where she organizes assistance in several branches: raises funds for tailoring vests, baby food, thermal imagers, animal feed and for the needs of the Ukrainian Army and humanitarian needs in general; packs humanitarian aid in Rotterdam; goes to anti-war protests in Rotterdam; translates news for the channel With Ukraine (@withukraine).

Overall, almost every employee of the company tries to be useful for Ukraine: weaving nets, participating in cyber attacks, helping the Red Cross, volunteering in kitchens for displaced people and in humanitarian warehouses, providing information support.

A group of employees were mobilized to the Armed Forces and the Territorial Defense Forces.

Employee support. Every day the company runs regular top managers -teams calls. A special channel has been created, where everyone can share their request for housing, relocation, transport or offer help. There are many examples of team support and collaboration where some colleagues sheltered others; the leads helped take out whole families of their teams; workers from abroad came to the borders to pick up colleagues who were traveling to other countries.

The company is obliged to keep jobs and pay salaries to those employees who joined the Armed Forces or the Territorial Defense Forces. The company also supports those who cannot work at all due to objective reasons financially. Kevuru Games also assists employees in relocating.


People first - Employee Support. The company makes every effort to ensure the safety of Luxoft workers and their families. Currently, more than a hundred colleagues and their relatives have been relocated to safe places within Ukraine and abroad. The company has organized more than 40 bus transfers.

Luxoft actively supports its professionals financially and invests millions of dollars to support employees, their families and communities. Each of the Luxoft members (~ 4000) uses these funds to their advantage, whether these are donations for the Army, relocation or protection of their loved ones.

Humanitarian Help. Red Cross Ukraine Donations. DXC Technology condemns unjustified russian aggression, which leads to the death of civilians in Ukraine. DXC supports every person, every company and every government around the world who calls for an immediate end to attacks on Ukraine. Due to aggression by the russian government, the company decided to exit this market. The company supports and adheres to all sanctions against russia.

The company considers its duty to support Ukrainian colleagues and Ukraine. That is why one of the first steps was a donation of 10 million hryvnias for the needs of the Red Cross in Ukraine.

Internal donation platform among all DXC Technology Company professionals. Thanks to the platform, each of more than 100,000 DXC Technology Company specialists has the opportunity to make an individual donation to help Ukrainians. Colleagues from all over the world joined the initiative. $ 135,000 (UAH 4,000,000) has been raised so far, which has also been donated to the needs of the Red Cross in Ukraine. This amount increases and is updated daily. Luxoft doubles all the funds raised by employees and donates them to the needs of the humanitarian organization.

Luxoft Family. Luxoft teams in Germany and the United Kingdom are organizing charity bike races in support of Ukraine and raising funds for the Red Cross Society in Ukraine.

Luxoft teams in Romania, Bulgaria and Poland also actively support their colleagues arriving to these countries. They assist crossing borders, accommodating and resolving legal issues. Together they collect humanitarian aid and medicines, which are transported to the Ukrainian border for further distribution.

Charitable fundraising initiative for students of a special boarding school in Glynsk village (Sumy region). The school that houses and educates children with intellectual disabilities and Down syndrome from 6 to 16 years old has been supported by the company. Previously, the company raised funds for the equipment of the therapeutic area in the school. Currently, there are 33 children who lack the necessity - food. The company plans to make a monthly purchase of everything that can provide a normal diet for children.


Information campaigns to cover the War in Ukraine. Since the beginning of the War, the MGID advertising platform has launched information campaigns around the world, spreading true news about the War and calling on the world community to transfer funds to humanitarian aid and the Army (special accounts of the National Bank of Ukraine for the Armed Forces Support and Humanitarian Aid, the Return Alive Foundation).

During the three weeks of active campaigns, we have received:

  • Over 4 billion native, banner and video ads displaying.
  • More than 7 million clicks on content articles and landings calling for help to the Ukrainian Army and victims of the War.

So far, the company has allocated more than 4 million hryvnias for campaigns launching on the MGID platform, as well as on Google and Facebook.

MGID is not only directly involved in setting up campaigns, but also in preparing campaigns and articles that are used by colleagues in the industry to disseminate information on their sites and wage information War.

All this has become possible by the involvement of MGID staff, as well as close cooperation with the Ministry of Digital Transformation and IAB Ukraine.

Moreover, the top management of MGID actively communicates with the global AdTech community through relevant foreign media (ExchangeWire, BusinessInsider, AdExchanger, MarTech), which allowed to attract several global advertising and technology companies that have offered to cooperate in global communications and countering russian propaganda on a volunteer basis.

Employee support. During the War, MGID has not cut jobs in Ukraine, and continues to provide salaries to employees who entered the Armed Forces, the Territorial Defense Forces and are actively involved in volunteering.


All members of the IT Ukraine Association could take part in the publication of the following material. Contact person: Maryna Kalynovska, project manager (