TECHIIA: Feedback

Marianna Konina

Marianna Konina

Chief Public Engagement Officer, International Technology Holding TECHIIA

TECHIIA has been a member of the Association since its founding in 2018. Uniting technological businesses into a holding, we understood that we need close interaction between our business, the government and society. With no hesitation, we joined IT Ukraine — the most authoritative organization that has an established communication with all branches.

The Association works not only to create the brand of the IT country on the global market, but also implements many projects for the development of the domestic market. It also solves a difficult task of how to achieve a balance through the interests of Association member different sized companies successfully.

Considering the sustainable development policy of TECHIIA and the projects of the Association, our holding has the opportunity to join activities that could reform the IT industry, make it more attractive for the future generation. It’s about constant work on legislation, working conditions, educational programs. It’s about popularization, protection and dispelling myths.

I will specially mention the Association's steps to establish a gender balance and active involvement of women in the IT industry. The Association implements such projects at the school, university and public project levels.

At TECHIIA we have many joint plans with IT Ukraine and are sure that they will play a positive role in the development of not only the IT industry, but also the country's economy as a whole.