Technologication Business Conference

Technologication Business Conference

About the event:

They managed to transform the business: cases of Amazon Web Services, Booking and Genesis Investment on FREE Technologication Conf

On July 15, we will meet online with top companies to inspire entrepreneurs, business development, IT and marketing departments to transform.

We are waiting for an intensive 6 hours of cases of companies that have survived more than one crisis, and many times to "reassemble" their business.


This is what you need to hear:

"Amazon's Culture of Innovation" - Attila Lengyel, Digital Innovation Senior BDM at Amazon Web Services EMEA.
Attila has been creating cloud solutions and programs for the digital transformation of companies and even states for 18 years.

"The 7 powers of Machine Learning" - Lucas Bernardi, Principal Data Scientist at
Lucas develops the product, the recommendation system, and the implementation of artificial intelligence in business processes.

"Turning Crisis Into Opportunities In Startups and VC" - Elena Mazhuga, Investment Manager at Genesis Investments.
Elena has been working with venture capital for more than four years and started at TA Ventures. At Genesis Investments, Elena searches for startups, tracks industry trends, monitors transactions and helps portfolio companies.

"Technology: business in a new way", - Grigory Bakunov, VP of Technology at Parimatch Tech.
Gregory is a visionary and guru of innovative startups and technologies. For more than 15 years, he has been involved in launching Internet projects and disseminating innovations at Yandex, and now manages digital development at Parimatch.

"How Microsoft is Putting Responsible AI into Practice" - Xiaopeng Li, Data & AI Business Lead at Microsoft.
Shaopon has been developing products and introducing artificial intelligence into companies' business processes for more than four years. At Microsoft, Shaopon is responsible for the company's development strategy in the areas of data and AI in the Scandinavian countries.