Luxoft Ukraine has joined the #AntiVirus project of IT Ukraine Association

Luxoft Ukraine has joined the #AntiVirus project of IT Ukraine

Luxoft Ukraine has joined the #AntiVirus project of the IT Ukraine Association to overcome the consequences of the coronavirus epidemic. The company has provided medical institutions in Kyiv, Dnipro, and Odesa with 380 special personal protective kits, 90 pulse oximeters, and some component parts needed by patients on ventilators.

The equipment and protective kits were provided with the help and in close cooperation with the All-Ukrainian Nonprofit organization "Ukrainian Help Fund".

The following medical institutions will receive medical protective equipment with the Luxoft assistance:

  • Kyiv city clinical hospital №4
  • Kyiv city clinical hospital №9
  • Dnipro city children's clinical hospital №6
  • Odesa city clinical infectious disease hospital

We would like to take into account the needs of a wide range of people who may have been affected by this coronavirus and therefore may be counting on medical help. At the same time, our help is also aimed at those regions where our professionals do work. We think that everyone will feel better if local hospitals are packed with all the necessary medical protective equipment for urgent and effective treatment, Vitalii Karmazinskyi, CEO, Luxoft Ukraine.

At the same time, Luxoft Ukraine thanks to the IT Ukraine Association for the #AntiVirus initiative and assistance to companies in implementing charitable projects. As it's a well-known fact, that united efforts of the community can result in more benefits and achievements in difficult circumstances.