Luxoft Open Doors Day

Luxoft Open Doors Day


Join Luxoft Open Doors Day! 15 speakers - representatives of various spheres of the large Luxoft Ukraine team - will be ready to conduct a virtual tour of the world of Luxoft and share a warm team atmosphere.

There will be a quiz and a raffle of presents at the meeting! How to become a winner of the draw:

So, you are already hardened by coding, ready for new IT challenges and new victories. The next step:

  • Register for Luxoft Open Doors Day
  • Join the event at the start by Zoom link
  • Try to be an attentive listener to Luxoft speakers (yes, recommended;)
  • Answer the questions of the quiz quickly and correctly – you will hear the answers in the speeches

TOP-3 winners will look like this:

  • The lucky one who is going on a tour to Cyprus
  • Owner of an electric scooter
  • Sup-board owner

Also, those who entered the TOP-10, but did not take first place, get Luxoft branded lamps. More detailed information.

The meeting is free, but we`ll ask you to register to get to our guest-list!


  • The speakers will share their global projects, challenges and opportunities;
  • Present the main lines of business;
  • Tell you about the achievements for the last 16 years and how they changed during this time;
  • Immerse you in corporate culture and professional life growth;
  • Immerse you in corporate culture and professional life growth;