LinkedIn series of meetings Reinforcing Ukrainian Business Frontline

LinkedIn series of meetings Reinforcing Ukrainian Business Frontline

Ukraine’s largest IT community holds a recurring chain of webinars focusing on supporting Ukraine in the face of war.

Starting from March 8, IT Ukraine Association, the largest professional community of Ukrainian tech companies, launches a series of weekly webinars in support of Ukraine. The recurring webinars will feature personal frontline stories about Ukrainians’ resilience and determination to defend their country on different forefronts and give insights on how the world can unite and take action to stand with Ukraine. The non-profit LinkedIn live series “Talk to Ukraine: Reinforcing the Business Frontline” will go live every Tuesday and will be centered around the first-hand experiences of war witnesses, stories of rapid business transition, and how the global community can stand together to create strength and uniformity, supporting Ukraine.  

The world has been witnessing unprecedented events: the country of Ukraine, an independent state in Eastern Europe, has been attacked by Russian military forces. Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, has waged the full-scale war, the largest in the last 77 years in Europe, taking the lives of thousands of people, leaving millions homeless, and causing hundreds of billions of dollars in damage. With the “Talk to Ukraine” series, IT Ukraine Association is starting a global conversation to share how the people of Ukraine together with the world can join hands to stand up to defend against the threat to Ukrainian sovereignty, democracy, and common values.

The webinar series will focus on the first days of implementing business continuity plans and how, even during the time of war, IT professionals continue to be one of the key drivers of the Ukrainian economy by working efficiently, generating consistent results, and bringing business value to clients. Each of the webinars will also cover how: 

  • Ukrainian businesses are combating the economic war while the national army is fighting on the frontline
  • Ukrainian companies stay strong and efficient by prioritizing the safety of their employees and their families
  • The clients’ loyalty keeps the Ukrainian economy up and running and transforms the lives of people and business
  • Ukrainian professionals are supporting their colleagues and how companies are putting their business continuity plans to work to ensure uninterrupted service delivery

Please, join the “Talk to Ukraine: Reinforcing the Business Frontline” webinar live. Your voice and actions matter.