Legal Lunch by Bitkom


The upcoming webinar, Legal Lunch, which is being held as part of the practical steps of cooperation between the IT Ukraine Association and Bitkom, will be a valuable resource for Ukrainian companies seeking to enter the German market.

One of the key issues to consider is the legal aspects of cooperation between Ukraine and Germany in the Tech industry.  Companies looking to enter the German market should be aware of differences and seek legal advice from experts who are familiar with both legal systems. Also, they should be prepared to adapt their business practices to meet the expectations of the German market, and this may require legal advice as well.

Besides, the webinar will provide information on the legal features of outsourcing in Ukraine, including the legal framework for outsourcing, the rights and obligations of both the client and the service provider, and the potential risks and benefits of outsourcing.

Overall, the webinar will provide valuable insights into the legal aspects of cooperation between Ukrainian and German companies, and offer guidance on how to interact with German law. By understanding the legal complexities of doing business in Germany and outsourcing in Ukraine, companies can minimize their risks and maximize their chances of success.