Constantine Vasuk is a new Chief Executive of IT Ukraine Association

Constantine Vasuk is a new Chief Executive of IT Ukraine Association

IT Ukraine, that unites the largest IT service companies in Ukraine, is the most influential non-governmental organization in the country and upholds the interests of the industry. It employs over 160 thousand people.
On 15 April 15, Constantine Vasuk headed IT Ukraine as Executive Director.

Constantine has over 20-year experience, including 10 years in Telecommunications and Information Technology. He has been the head of the IT Business Committee at European Business Association for 5 years and played a leading role in the dialogue between IT industry and state authorities on how to improve the further development conditions of the IT industry in Ukraine.

The Association faces several important tasks these days. This is further interaction with the authorities and work on legislative initiatives to promote the IT industry; attraction to the Association of new companies of different scale and activity profile; systematic work on IT education development in Ukraine. I am absolutely convinced that Constantine's experience, his deep understanding of how the IT industry works from within, well-established contacts with the authorities and IT companies representatives as well as his ability to think strategically and implement ideas will positively affect further successful transformations in the industry

says the President of IT Ukraine, Taras Kitsmey.

Therefore, Constantine's priorities are strategic planning of the organization activities, building up a strong team, involvement of new members and close interaction with our authorities in order to develop the high technology sector in Ukraine. He is expected to make a great impact on educational programs actualization at all educational establishments, professions standardization in the industry and enhance the interaction between the IT-clusters of the country.

It is an honor for me to lead IT Ukraine, the most influential national industry association of the new economy. Since nowadays the IT industry is becoming one of the driving forces of economic recovery and growth in Ukraine. We go on with the dialogue between businesses and our government and actively interact with local IT-clusters and educational institutions. I believe that such synergy can help us magnify useful initiatives and transformations, strengthen the IT industry, create more jobs and attract ever more money to the country, in the form of foreign currency proceeds and taxes

says Constantine Vasuk, Executive Director of IT Ukraine Association.

Before he joined the IT Ukraine Association, Constantine Vasuk held the post of public projects director at IT company Itera, Ukraine. Previously, he was the Head of the IT Committee at European Business Association (over 5 years). Prior he worked at LifeCell Mobile Operations Team and ran his own business. He has academic background in Economics. He graduated from Kiev National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman, where he got a master's degree in International Business Management.


Reference on IT Ukraine

The Association IT Ukraine was founded in 2004. Over the years the Association has become the largest community of IT service companies in Ukraine. At present the Association involves export IT products and software development companies that collectively account for 50% of all industry revenues in Ukraine.