Kick off meeting: WAIC International AI Conference

Kick off meeting: WAIC International AI Conference


You are welcome to take part in «Kick off meeting: WAIC International AI Conference» on June 3.

World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) — is the biggest AI conference in the World.  Follow the link to see a short introduction to the conference. This is the main AI-event, which gathers market leaders from all over the World. This year WAIC July 07-10 will hold  The 1st European Online Forum.

The possibilities for Ukrainian companies will be presented at this meet-up.

IT Ukraine Association is pleased to provide information support to The 1st European Online Forum and «Kick off meeting: WAIC international AI conference» meet-up.

Meet-up organizers: We_Challenge — an official WAIC representative for Ukrainian companies. Sinofy — an official WAIC European forum organizer. The event will be prompted by informational support from IT Ukraine Association.

Special participant possibilities granted for IT Ukraine Association members:

  • audit of the company for the number of potential customers at the conference (for service companies)
  • the opportunity to participate in the Open call to pitch and seal the circle of WAIC investors their business (for food companies)