JavaScript fwdays'20

JavaScript fwdays'20


About the event:

JavaScript fwdays'20 is a conference that focuses solely on JS developers, brings together 1000 participants, and has been running for 8 years straight. This time we've come up with a new optimal structure: one day with as many as 4… no, 5 streams, combined new formats, progressive Ukrainian and world experts, and an utterly epic party afterward.

We'll focus on:

  • JavaScript frameworks: React, Node.js, Vue and Angular
  • Learn about DevTools, Animation, Webpack plugins
  • World trends and upcoming JavaScript features
  • Learn about AI, ML, GraphQL, DevOps

P.S. and there are always 50% discount for students

Format of the Conference:

  • Great speakers with multi-project experience

    Our speakers are top Ukrainian and international JS developers: founders of frameworks, libraries, well-known core contributors. Each speaker undergoes several selection and rehearsal stages, thus guaranteeing the highest possible level of the presented program.

  • 4 streams of lectures and Coding Stage

    Lectures will be marked by the level of complexity. So that with 4 streams, one alternate stream, and a clear division by the complexity of the lecture, you can easily choose topics that match your interests.

  • Same-old networking, but with a slight twist

    Our interactivity, careful preparation, and thoughtful organization, you help you discover a new JS experience, bring home expert contacts, a collaboration offer, or an ingenious idea to implement.

  • Afterparty

    While it's not a costume party, you can definitely wear a costume! :) There you'll find laid-back, informal conversations, surprisingly human speakers you can talk to you, free drinks, great (and loud!) games, and cool (we hope so!) gifts.

Day of the Conference:

  • Talks are given in 4 conference halls at the same time
  • Though-through registration process
  • Filling coffee breaks, instead of light snacks
  • Lunch: first and second courses, salads, juices
  • Great photos taken by 2 photographers
  • And a fantastic Afterparty!

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Among the first speakers are:

Sebastien Chopin

Nuxt.js author and Vue.js community member, has been working with JavaScript for the last 13 years.

Martin Splitt

works at Google for Search web ecosystems as Trends Analyst / Developer Advocate

Chen Hui Jing

self-taught designer and developer

Наталія Теплухіна

Vue.js Core Team Member, works as Senior Frontend Engineer at GitLab

Sara Vieira

developer at @codesandbox, GraphQL and Open Source enthusiast

Yurii Artyukh frontend agency founder

Vadim Makeev

myself at HTML Academy, founder of Web Standards, Web Standards Days conference host and organizer

Illya Klymov

Senior Frontend Engineer at GitLab, more than 12 years with JavaScript in all manifestations, founder of educational resource JavaScript.Ninja.