Java Eastern European Conference

Java Eastern European Conference


About the event:

Welcome to the Java Eastern European Conference – the annual international conference, which will be held on April 17-18 in Kiev.

The 10th anniversary JEEConf is a meeting place for proficient Java developers, tech leads, architects, speakers from Ukraine and abroad.

This year we are going to cover the following topics:

  • GraalVM (practical application history on real cases).


  • Observability (approaches, tools and practices for providing observability cloud-native Java applications).
  • Low footprint Java platforms (practical application of memory and time-optimized platforms for Java microservices like Quarkus, Microprofile, etc.).
  • Java 13-14 (useful features and features in the latest versions of Java).
  • Reactive (practical reports on the use of reactive approaches and frameworks).
  • Spring Boot (useful developments, libraries, extensions).
  • Kubernetes (stories from rake and solution fields in the context of Java microservices).
  • Microservices testing (tools, approaches and practices for effective testing within microservice systems in Java)

You will find two busy days:

  • 4-5 parallel streams
  •  more than 50 reports
  • BOF sessions
  • traditional whiskey party for informal communication with participants and speakers

There is 50% discount for Junior developers and students

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