ITU Public talks #Frankivsk starts with a discussion about Diia.City

ITU Public talks #Frankivsk starts with a discussion about Diia.City

The first ITU Public talks #Frankivsk event took place in Ivano-Frankivsk in an offline format with a parallel broadcast on the Facebook page of the Association. The focus of the event: Diia.City – a unique legal and tax space. Traditionally, this topic aroused lively interest among our audience. The event reached almost 9,000 people on Facebook alone.

We continue our activities in the west of the country on the basis of the recently opened Western Ukrainian representative office of the Association. A series of events dedicated to relevant to business and the government topics will provide additional resources and inspiration to our participants. I am sure that the public discussions will be useful both for the regional business and the IT community, and for our audience, for whom we have created an online participation opportunity, - stressed Konstantin Vasyuk, the Executive Director of the Association.

An interesting professional discussion moderated by the Business Development Director of HebronSoft, Natalia Anokhina, went beyond discussing only the advantages and challenges of Diia.City and touched on other urgent issues for business in the conditions of martial law, such as mobilization, simplification of the procedure for traveling abroad, algorithms for the interaction of the state and business, management strategy in companies, international investments.

The main goal of the meeting was to hold a transparent and frank dialogue about what motivates companies to join the new Diia.City regime and, on the contrary, what holds back, to bring to the attention of the Ministry the IT community's reservations and expectations from the government in business support during the martial law conditions. As the results of the meeting, the participants were able to discuss those problematic points that have already appeared since the start of the Diia.City launch for the period from February 8, 2022, and the methods of leveling them. We thank the participants for the active discussion and hope for new events in this format, - noted Natalia Anokhina, moderator, HebronSoft Business Development Director.

In particular, the head of the Ministry of Digital Transformation Diia.City project office, Natalia Denikeieva, spoke about the preparation of a new "user-friendly" procedure for booking IT professionals. According to the Ministry, almost 2,000 IT professionals are currently booked. In the process of adapting the procedure to the features of the IT industry, the Ministry is working out the possibility to move away from the mobilization task and shorten the time of the procedure itself. At the same time, the issue of individual entrepreneur reservation still remains open and has no prospect of resolution in the near future.

Returning to the perspectives of Diia.City itself, the latest figures show a rapid increase in residents up to 295, among them 211 joined already during the War.

Despite the terrible events taking place in the country today, Diia.City is working and developing. The launch of the project took place on February 8, and 295 companies have already become its residents during this time. What is important is that the vast majority joined space during the War. This shows that Diia.City is trusted. The space is a profitable and effective tool for business support and development, - underlined Natalia Denikeieva, Head of Diia.City project office.

Member of the Ivano-Frankivsk Business Association board and managing partner of Softjourn Inc. Serhii Fitsak, whose company joined Diia.City just during the War, shared his impressions of the residency and highlighted such problematic issues as the inability of accounting software to work in space, difficulties with banks, reluctance of individual entrepreneurs to become residents.

Viktor Levandovsky, CEO, InternetDevels, expressed his reservations that "some companies took a wait-and-see position regarding Diia.City." His proposal to develop a national system of business clubs and their lobbying by the state abroad caused a lively discussion.

The series of ITU Public talks #Frankivsk mentoring meetings is a joint project of the Western Ukrainian representative offices of the IT Ukraine Association and UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas Group, aimed at developing the regional IT potential, networking, exchange of experience and creative ideas.

Ukrsibbank BNP Paribas Group is pleased to join the ITU Public talks #Frankivsk project. The bank actively cooperates with Ukrainian IT companies and has launched its own program for legal entities of the IT market - residents of Diia.City "CODE IT.AT UKRSIBBANK", which creates favorable conditions for clients of medium and small businesses. We are confident that this format of public discussions will have practical value for our audience, - says Andrii Horodenskyi, Head of the Prykarpattia regional office of UKRSIBBANK BNP Paribas.

We express special gratitude to our information partners - Ivano-Frankivsk and Lutsk IT clusters.

The next event of ITU Public talks #Frankivsk will take place on August 11 and will be dedicated to new formats of education and training of IT professionals during wartime.