Itera QA Meetup: Accessibility Testing

Itera QA Meetup: Accessibility Testing


On September 17th, join Itera to participate in an OFFLINE QA meet-up. Topic: Accessibility Testing

Event program:

QA meetup hosts an ongoing conversation about how to test your applications against selected Universal design compliance level.

Real examples, tips, and experience are guaranteed.

After the lecture there will be networking and pizza time!

Speakers from Itera:

  • Oleksandra Starykova, Head of QA and Test Department
  • Oleksandra Pavlyuchenko, Senior QA Engineer
  • Iryna Hubar, former Senior QA, Project Manager

Free participation. Gathering will be downstairs in the hall 10 min before the meetup.

We will cover the following

  • Why accessibility testing matter?
  • What is to be covered by Automated Testing, and what is better to cover by Manual Testing?
  • Effective user testing methods
  • Tools for Accessibility Testing