IT Ukraine unites with IT clusters for a sustainable partnership

IT Ukraine unites with IT clusters for a sustainable partnership

In May 2021, the IT Ukraine Association initiated uniting forces with IT clusters for the sustainable development of information technology in Ukraine and productive cooperation.

Currently, agreements with the Association have already been signed by the IT-Association Vinnytsia, Khmelnytskyi IT cluster, IT Cluster "Chernivtsi IT Community", Ternopil IT Cluster. Documents are in the process of signing with several other IT clusters.

The idea of uniting forces of the leading associations of the IT market emerged a long time ago. Right now, we invest our efforts and work together to achieve our strategic goals. Integration of efforts at the national level and in the regions, established cooperation within our joint projects, and information coordination will help us together with IT-clusters to act as effectively as possible and achieve our goals, 

— says Vitaliy Sedler, President of the IT Ukraine Association, Intellias CEO.

The Association's partnership with IT clusters is non-profit and is implemented in the following areas:

  • protection of common interests before state authorities and local self-government bodies;
  • mutual expert support on financial, economic, and legal issues related to the development of the IT industry in Ukraine;
  • joint development of educational and scientific projects aimed at training IT specialists and improving their skills;
  • informational and other assistance in holding public events (conferences, forums, round tables, etc.), as well as mutual support in the media and cyberspace;
  • mutual assistance in promoting the interests of the Ukrainian IT business, creating and developing its positive image and investment attractiveness at the national and international levels.

Khmelnytskyi IT cluster welcomes the initiative of the IT Ukraine Association to establish partnerships with IT clusters. This is especially relevant in a pandemic that still prevails in the world. In these realities, industry clustering and collaboration with other associations create additional benefits for IT companies and are an important tool in counteracting crises. We hope that our cooperation will be effective and efficient and contribute to the sustainable development of the IT industry in Ukraine, 

— says Serhiy Yatsyshen, head of the Khmelnytskyi IT cluster.

Uniting the forces will promote the development of information technology in Ukraine, protect the interests of Ukrainian IT companies before government agencies, as well as promote their interests at the international level.

Uniting the efforts of regional clusters with the largest profile IT-association only increases the capacity of our joint capabilities. All this is to build a powerful association for the protection and development of the country's technology industry,

— comments Dmytro Sofyna, CEO of IT-Association Vinnytsia.


Ternopil IT cluster has been working on the development of the region in the IT sector for over 5 years. Partnership with the IT Ukraine Association is another opportunity to strengthen each other in our common goal. And our goal is to develop the IT sector in Ukraine, create comfortable conditions for the development of IT companies and increase the number of qualified personnel. When ideas come together, anything is possible, 

Kateryna Mikhaylidi, CEO of the Ternopil IT cluster, shares her expectations from cooperation.