IT Ukraine Became the Giving Tuesday Ambassador in Ukraine

IT Ukraine Became the Giving Tuesday Ambassador in Ukraine

IT Ukraine Association joined the #GivingTuesday global generosity movement and became the Ambassador of Good in Ukraine. So, on November 30, the day when thousands and millions of people around the world do good deeds, we invite IT companies to do good together.

It’s very easy: you can always help with time, talent or money and participate in one or more activities. As part of Giving Tuesday, IT companies can:

  •         Participate in the Giving Race, which also offers a corporate package for businesses;
  •         Tell about their initiatives within the #ДоброМаєЗвучатиГолосно! (Good Should Sound Loud!) information campaign, so that the scale of good deeds could grow;
  •         Support a charitable foundation or initiative and tell about it on social networks;
  •         Organize or have a charity lecture or training organized, the proceeds of which will be used for charity.

Here’s how one can join the #GivingTuesday in Ukraine:

  1. Join the Giving Race

This year’s Giving Race is co-organized with the Kind Challenge platform and will take place on November 27 and 28 in the format of immersive theatre. During the race, you will be able to listen to 1 out of 5 audio stories of help. The organizers encourage participants to join from anywhere in the world. To do this, register, pay the fee and receive a QR-code with audio for the selected distance and go. Those who join the race in Kyiv will have a customized interactive route, depending on the chosen topic of help.

During registration, you can choose the foundation to which your contribution will be directed. The Kind Challenge platform brings together over 70 charitable foundations, 43 of which participate in the Giving Race 2021.

Details and registration at:

  1. Join the #ДоброМаєЗвучатиГолосно! (Good Should Sound Loud!) initiative

Tell on social media how your company or you do good deeds. Use the #ДоброМаєЗвучатиГолосно! and #ЩедрийВівторок_ITU (Giving Tuesday ITU) hashtags, and tag #ЩедрийВівторок (Giving Tuesday) and IT Ukraine via @ to let even more people know about the Good Deeds Day in Ukraine. Good deeds are not always about money, but also about helping with your skills and knowledge.

  1. Organize a charity lecture

Proceeds for participation can be used to help foundations. IT companies conduct internal and external training and events every month, so this is a great opportunity to combine benefits and charity. A list of organizations that can be helped financially is to be found on the Map of Good at the link.

Also, the Giving Tuesday organizers can give a lecture for your business on how to develop a CSR direction in the company. To do this, write us a letter indicating “Charity Lecture” in the subject line at, and we will help in the organization.

We are glad that the Association joined the global #GivingTuesday initiative and became the Ambassador of Good. For us, this is a great opportunity to implement charitable projects and do good together with our participating companies. The IT industry is a socially responsible area of business, so we strive to talk more about our social projects. The good should sound loud,

said Viktoriya Fedorenko, the head of education and customer experience development at IT Ukraine.




Background information

#GivingTuesday is a global movement of good deeds. It originates from the USA. #GivingTuesday unites people, organizations, businesses and the state around charity. #GivingTuesday in Ukraine has been taking place since 2018, and over the past years, it managed to attract hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians to good deeds. For example, in 2020, 126,000 participants joined the initiative, and the coverage on social networks reached 5,000,000 people.
This year #GivingTuesday will take place on November 30. Anyone can become a part of Giving Tuesday. One just needs to share time, talent, money or information. In Ukraine, #GivingTuesday is supervised by the Zagoriy Foundation.
One of the key areas of the Association’s work is education and corporate social responsibility, thus we implement projects aimed at developing IT education in Ukraine and addressing social challenges. We combine the potential and resources of member companies of the Association with the demand in society, offering effective solutions. You can read more about the EDU&CSR projects of the Association in the relevant report by following the link: