IT Ukraine became a partner of the international B2B platform Clutch

IT Ukraine became a partner of the international B2B platform Clutch

Clutch annually researches the markets and forms ratings of the world's top service companies. In autumn 2020, the IT Ukraine Association became its partner in Ukraine. The recent Clutch rating includes 68 Ukrainian companies, 30 of which are members of the Association. To accommodate this list, Clutch has created a separate partner platform

Potential customers from any country can go to the company profile and find out relevant information about products, project budgets and real customer feedback.

How can a company enter the Clutch rankings?

Any company that has registered on the Clutch platform can enter the rating. Dozens of analysts carefully analyze company data, customer feedback, and verify its profile. In total, the Clutch ranking contains the top 1,000 B2B service companies in the IT industry and is updated annually.

Clutch is the leading ratings and reviews platform for IT, marketing, and business service providers. B2B companies can join Clutch and collect client reviews for free to build trust in their brand and generate leads. Companies present themselves to 550,000+ people who use Clutch every month to find a service provider. We are excited to cooperate with the Association IT Ukraine on a partner platform to further promote its members and build the reputation of the Association online,

— said Eleonora Israele, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Clutch.

Benefit for the members of the Association from the partnership with Clutch

Belonging to this list is an important reputational asset. Clutch users from all over the world can browse the lists of potential partners among the member companies of the Association. And this increases the chances of gaining new customers.

Clutch is the best way to reach our audience and validate our commitment to providing exceptional service,

said Jason Perry, a spokesman for Engagency.

IT Ukraine encourages companies to register on Clutch and leave feedback. This will help attract customers and strengthen the company's profile. If you are already in the ranking, we suggest you take advantage of its additional benefits: add a special widget or badge to your website. This is an opportunity to mark your affiliation with an authoritative rating and maintain the company's reputation.

Terms of use of widgets and badges.