IT Ukraine Association offers assistance to Belarusian IT companies

IT Ukraine Association offers assistance to Belarusian IT companies

The fourth day of protests continues in Belarus,  local IT companies are experiencing a shutdown for the third day. Due to the disconnection of the Internet, lack of mobile communication, most of them are unable to work and fulfill their obligations to customers and partners, which entails financial and reputational damage.

IT Ukraine is aware of the complexity of the situation for IT business, so it offers basic support in Ukraine, which will help to maintain relationships with customers and partners and continue to work on existing projects.

How can we help IT companies that are considering the possibility or are ready to move to Ukraine in the near future:

  • provide the necessary legal assistance;
  • help in choosing an office or workspace for the team;
  • assist with consultations / contacts to help fix financial issues necessary for doing business.

If you need our help or consultation, call +38 (099) 266 39 03, or write a letter to

The association unites more than 50 companies in Ukraine, some of which have offices in Belarus. We understand that colleagues found themselves in a difficult situation. Therefore, we are ready to assist Belarusian IT companies in providing conditions for the relocation of teams or their business. This will allow them to maintain contracts with clients and partners and continue working on existing projects. Our strength is in unity and support !,

- Konstantin Vasyuk, Executive Director of the Association "IT Ukraine".