IT Ukraine Association has updated the anti-crisis service E-Support!

IT Ukraine Association has updated the anti-crisis service E-Support!

The anti-crisis service E-Support! from IT Ukraine Association is the only information space where every IT company can get professional expert advice on possible anti-crisis solutions. 

It was created on the second day of the war to support IT industry participants.  From the beginning, the service was produced to help the members of the Association. Considering a huge number of requests, we provided assistance to all IT companies that addressed.  

During these months of work, we received and processed more than 520 applications from more than 150 companies.  

Due to high demand for the service and multiple requests we have created a new user-friendly site with the updated questions the companies can receive qualified assistance. 

To enjoy the E-Support! service, you need to submit a request on the website. After that, a representative of the Association will contact you within a few hours to provide the necessary advice and assistance.

Currently, companies can submit a request for consultation on the following directions:


  • Taxes and tax residency; 
  • Mobilization and reservation; 
  • Temporary travel abroad;  
  • Banking and financial operations; 

CSR and educational initiatives: 

  • Support of the Ukrainian Armed Forces; 
  • Aid to IDPs; 
  • Cooperation projects with educational institutions; 
  • Mental health and psychological assistance; 

International relations: 

  • Participation in international events; 
  • Search for partners abroad; 
  • Participation in workshops and webinars; 
  • Cooperation with international associations and organizations. 


  • Provision of information support; 
  • Organization of joint events; 
  • Cooperation with the community and specialized media; 
  • Launch of joint research.