IT Ukraine announces global relaunch of Core Skills Project 2.0

IT Ukraine announces global relaunch of Core Skills Project 2.0

The Ukrainian IT industry is one of the few industries that are actively developing even during the full-scale war and supporting the Ukrainian economy. The demand for IT specialists remains high, but the competition is growing today and the focus lays on the most qualified employees.  As a response to the dynamics of the labor market in the industry, IT Ukraine Association announces global relaunch of Core Skills Project 2.0

The project aims to create practical recommendations on detailing learning outcomes for the basic fundamental disciplines of IT professions of Ukrainian universities in accordance with the current needs of the IT market and to launch an independent certification from the industry. The second stage of the project will be the development of an online platform for verifying the knowledge and competencies of university students and their independent certification. In this way, the IT industry is developing a mechanism for independent knowledge assessment in basic disciplines in order to help future junior-level professionals start their careers in IT, as well as to help university professors modernize their curricula,

says Denys Hrynov, Vice President on Educational issues, Head of ERAM University in Ukraine.

In this way, the project contributes to the development of IT curricula and improves the training  level of young professionals to work on commercial projects. And the verification of knowledge and competencies of junior-level professionals will help IT companies find qualified candidates faster.

On 7 March, the first meeting of the Core Skills Project 2.0 working group took place. The first meeting brought together partner companies, such as EPAM, GlobalLogic, Luxoft, COAX Software, Go IT, Softserve, and CNA IT. The discussion resulted in the following:

  • pilot disciplines for certification were identified;
  • the format and schedule of the working groups was agreed, priorities and next steps were identified.

The Association together with its partner companies will continue working on the project over the coming months. The launch of the pilot online certification platform in the identified disciplines is scheduled for autumn 2023.