IT product teams performance in today's reality

IT product teams performance in today's reality


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The war greatly affected the work of many IT companies in the country. During the five months, many of them used to live in a new reality, reformatted their products and continue releasing new features.

What helps these companies to operate at full speed and maintain effective teams? How did the war affect productivity and what challenges did Team Leads face?

We will hear the answers to these and many other questions during this talk with CPOs of well-known Ukrainian product IT companies.


UPtalk`s guests:

Yegor Yarotskiy, Chief Product Officer at MEGOGO

Sergey Grishkov, Chief Product Officer at Uklon

Nikita Artemchuk, Chief Product Officer at

Andrii Gubinsky, Managing Partner at Craft Innovations, will be our moderator and will follow the direction of the talk.

IT product teams performance in today's reality

  • We will discuss the topic;
  • Talk a little about psychology;
  • Different tools;
  • Share some tips and insights.

The link to the broadcast will be available after the registration.