IT-Enterprise launches a program to support employees’ mental health

IT-Enterprise launches a program to support employees’ mental health

Ukrainian company IT-Enterprise has developed a program to support the mental health of its staff members. Now ITE employees have the opportunity to interact with certified psychologists on a daily basis and get just the right instruments to improve their emotional well-being.

We have all been under a lot of pressure in the last year. Rather than think about our own feelings, we were focusing on going above and beyond for the sake of our country, friends, and the whole industry. Everyone was where he or she had to be, doing absolutely heroic things: from purchasing bulletproof vests to developing solutions for humanitarian aid accounting, reminds Oleg Shcherbatenko, IT-Enterprise founder and CEO. Still, our people remain our most valuable asset. So, we are now looking into ways to support the team, let each of our colleagues think about themselves and help them take care of their emotional health if need be.

To ensure maximum confidentiality and due attention to each case, ITE has involved an independent certified company to provide psychological aid services and work on all requests coming from the team members. As part of the program, they will learn how to reduce the negative effect of the war on their mind, regain a sense of control and build mental resilience.

Ukrainian product company IT-Enterprise marked its 35th anniversary in autumn 2022, being the first IT company founded in Ukraine. Since the all-out war started, the ITE team has been actively working on nationwide projects, such as procurement automation, which became a forward momentum to revive the economy after the first-week shock (March 2022). ITE ensured process automation in humanitarian aid accounting (March 2022) and greatly contributed to supporting the relocation of Ukrainian businesses to safer regions (summer 2022). Currently, the company continues the ERP implementation at Ukrposhta to help the postal operator promote manageability in its distributed branch network.

The company CEO and co-founder has repeatedly highlighted that retaining qualified workforce must become a nationwide strategy for Ukraine, while process automation across the country will foster transparency in its post-victory recovery.