IT-Enterprise completes Phase 1 of ERP implementation at Ukrposhta

IT-Enterprise completes Phase 1 of ERP implementation at Ukrposhta

The IT-Enterprise team has completed the first phase of the project for the ERP system implementation at Ukrposhta. Currently, the postal giant has 70% of its business processes fully digitalized. The system consolidates the operations of all 26 regional branches, and over 6000 employees are working on a single platform with unified end-to-end business processes. Now the project team is focused on the second implementation phase.

It is the first time in Ukraine that a company this large has undergone a digital transformation in 9 months. This case deserves special attention, not in the last place because no one except the process participants could actually believe in our successful collaboration. The key factor in change implementation was the decisive stance of the Ukrposhta management, who confirmed their readiness for a quality shift by action rather than words,

commented Oleg Shcherbatenko, CEO at IT-Enterprise.

The first phase has covered the total automation of procurement, sales, inventory and contract management, general and tax accounting, and treasury operations. Ukrposhta has launched e-document management internally and externally, i.e. with state authorities, partners and counterparties.

For the first time in our company’s history, we finally have all our document management online. Now we are managing all procurement, contractor transactions and warehouse inventory in real time. The new era of Ukrposhta’s total digitalization is on the rails,

highlighted Ihor Smilianskyi, CEO at Ukrposhta.

The IT-Enterprise team says that transparent accounting is the key milestone of the first ERP implementation phase. They have created unified business processes, methodologies, rules and regulations currently followed by all branches and departments. Also, instead of scattered databases for product accounting, there is now a single ERP database. In practical terms, it means that you can analyze inventory data, transactions with counterparties made by different branches or generate a report in one click not only at the end of the week or month but for any date you like.

Now the project has entered the second phase, which aims to transform the processes of human resource management, payroll, budgeting, vehicle management and ensure further transformation of general and tax accounting processes, as well as the formation of consolidated reports.