IT education trends: GoIT cases

IT education trends: GoIT cases


Educational technologies are constantly changing, because they are constantly dealing with modern challenges and it is crucial that all these challenges are met. Almost all of you must have heard about such trends and methods as lifelong learning, project-based learning, a flipped classroom, competency building approach, edutainment, or simply - gamification of learning. Moreover, there are new trends constantly appearing, such as nano-learning, learning facilitation, AI-based adapted learning, neuro-learning areas, and much more.

For educational institutions that claim to be experts in training for IT industry, it is vital to effectively teach students modern technologies and services; therefore it is important to monitor trends in IT education.

During the workshop we will not only talk about trends in IT education and show their results in the implementation of GoIT and GoITeens, but also take a look at other cases, suggesting the ways of implementing these trends in the educational process of Ukrainian universities.

Join if you are:

  • an IT company manager who is planning to train his employees.
  • head of an educational institution that wants to improve teaching IT.
  • a teacher who is interested in this field and is intending to or already teaches IT disciplines or programming.

About the Speaker

​​Vyacheslav Polinovsky, CEO of GoITeens, Ph.D., Associate Professor

15+ years managing educational brands: higher education, course training, weekend schools, and alternative schools. He developed and implemented various teaching methods: from coursework for students and adults to higher education standards. Developed a course for IT professionals ‘Training for trainers: how to effectively teach IT to adults’ and trained 100+ IT instructors. More than 45 groups of students accomplished his course ‘Basics of Programming’. 20+ years in IT, his portfolio includes projects developed from scratch to mass production. Vyacheslav is an author of 12 patents.

Speaker at iForum, GetBussines Festival, SMM Day, do not Take Fake, Lviv SMM Forum, ProBono SMM Week, MRKTNG Marathon, WEST iMARKETING FORUM, Lviv Media Forum.

We will discuss the following

  • Changes in learning requirements and things to consider when training IT experts in 2022
  • Trends in IT education 2022: learning through experiment, nano learning, adapted learning, learning facilitation etc.
  • How technology helps to improve learning.
  • How to implement IT learning trends in higher education.