PwC Webinar in Ukraine

PwC Webinar in Ukraine "IT Business in 2021: Challenges and Opportunities"

PwC experts will share insights


We invite you to a webinar where PwC experts will share insights from the financial, tax and legal fields to help you develop in new realities.

In our next online activities, we will look at the impact of controlled foreign companies' rules on business owners, the specifics of taxation in Malta and some other countries, incentive payments to employees, and other financial, tax, and legal issues. So stay tuned!

Languages ​​of the event: Ukrainian and English (without translation).

Participation is free by prior registration.

Organizer: PwC in Ukraine,

During the event we will cover the following issues

  • IFRS and management accounting, opportunities for leverage
  • The most common operational structures for IT business: comparative analysis (including those with the involvement of private entrepreneurs, carrying out activities through foreign and Ukrainian companies) from the tax perspective
  • Cyprus: The Emerging Ideal IT Hub in the EU (report in English)
  • Functional currency for companies in Ukraine and abroad: practical aspects
  • Revenue recognition from contracts with customers

Participation is free