International Relations Department

The department serves as a platform of additional opportunities for both the IT Ukraine Association’s  member companies in their business development on the worldwide markets and foreign companies interested in collaboration with Ukrainian IT businesses.


Establishing new grounds for international cooperation and strengthening the position of Ukraine as one of the major global hubs of IT talents, we launched the following:

  • IT Export Boost – a project put into force to ensure the development of worthwhile partnerships through the synergy of the Association’s deep knowledge on the peculiarities of the IT industry and the MFA’s network. Being a joint project with REI organized under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, IT “Export Boost” includes 25 countries with whom we are actively engaged. Among these are Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Kuwait, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UAE, UK, USA and Uzbekistan.
  • IT Export Alliance – an international initiative, implemented under the Union brand. Uniting 15 companies, it establishes alliances with much more extensive expertise, diverse experience and a more sophisticated value proposition to customers from developed markets than they could offer separately. Such a stable union of Ukrainian IT companies is set to create a systematic cooperation and trade missions to Finland, Norway and Germany in 2022. The initiative is organized in partnership with CIVITTA and EEPO, with the support of USAID.
Natalia Mitrofanova

Head of Community

Natalia Mitrofanova

Vice President on International Cooperation, MPS Development, Head of International Relations & Partnerships

Over 20 years of international experience in developing effective business relations, building a prospective business ecosystem, developing and transforming strategic initiatives into results driven actions, implementing goals, and promoting strategic business interests through the development of an effective dialogue between business and its stakeholders.


2021 was an exciting year, considering the 72 activities we had organized and took part in. 40 of them were events, arranged within the framework of IT Export Boost project. Furthermore, 50+ b2b meetings were carried out and led to 5 signed agreements. We also became the Exclusive Country Partner of “Trade & Connectivity Challenge 2021” in Ukraine, an Exclusive Information Partner at the UN event on the procurement of IT services in the UN system, a National Info Partner of the Export Evolution IT and an Info Partner at the WebSummit in Lisbon, Portugal.


Our bucket list for 2022 consists of online and offline international events with partners from IT Export Boost, that we are commencing with a visit to Uzbekistan. Events and B2B meetings with fellow foreign country participants are to be held as scheduled, keeping in mind the ultimate goal of enriching and expanding current partnerships, as well as, developing new alliances with relevant structures.