International Cooperation

Our goal is to represent the interests of Ukrainian Tech Community on the global arena, integrate IT business to the international market and promote the brand of Ukraine as a leading technological nation.

Our activities

Cooperation with global community

Based on the Ukraine IT Report 2021 that provides a snapshot of the greatly evolving IT industry before the war, data comparisons, and forecasts for the coming years that are still achievable considering the conditions of war, we encourage companies to keep on doing business with Ukrainian Tech providers. The current data of the first quarter of 2022, where the export of IT services topped 2 billion USD even during the war, confirms the Tech sector’s resilience and ability to deliver services despite the unfortunate hand dealt to Ukraine with its eastern neighbour.

Media impact

IT Ukraine has partnered with numerous international media to generate reliable communication platforms providing up-to-date information abroad. This communication has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian and Computer Weekly magazines among others. Focused on continuing to keep up the dialogue about Ukraine and the business's ability to deliver, the Executive Director of IT Ukraine has given over 50 statements to representatives of 16 countries encouraging the markets to continue working with Ukrainian companies.

Bilateral partnership

By cooperating with foreign national associations, and IT companies of the countries where Ukrainian developers have relocated to, we are able to provide the necessary assistance, including the issues related to their business expansion.

Stop doing business with russia

By suspending all operations in the russian federation and terminating the contracts with russian business you will cut the financial flows to russia, which fuels this conflict further. You’ll not only show you #StandWithUkraine but that you protect the safety and the integrity of the global community. Check the companies that have already shown their support and those who are still fuelling aggression at the website



IT Ukraine Association has partnered with WITSA, Digital Europe, and other global organizations to communicate how Ukrainian IT companies stay resilient these days. We are proud to cooperate with Emerging Europe in the Support Digital Ukraine initiative to raise global awareness to the potential of Ukraine’s tech ecosystem. Jointly with USAID, IT Ukraine has been implementing the IT Export Alliance project, facilitating Ukrainian companies entrance to new export markets.

Olena Berestetska

Head of International Cooperation

Olena Berestetska

We always aimed to establish new grounds for international cooperation and strengthen the position of Ukraine as one of the major global hubs of IT talents, but with the beginning of war launched by the russian federation in Ukraine, the International Relations Department has also become a platform providing current data on the state of the Ukrainian IT sector during the war and consolidating support from international partners.

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2021 was an exciting year, considering the 72 activities we had organized and took part in. 40 of them were events, arranged within the framework of IT Export Boost project. Furthermore, 50+ b2b meetings were carried out and led to 5 signed agreements. We also became the Exclusive Country Partner of “Trade & Connectivity Challenge 2021” in Ukraine, an Exclusive Information Partner at the UN event on the procurement of IT services in the UN system, a National Info Partner of the Export Evolution IT and an Info Partner at the WebSummit in Lisbon, Portugal.