Intelligent Chess Challenge

Intelligent Chess Challenge

We invite IT specialists to participate in a traditional yearly chess tournament that takes place with the support of Intellias company.

About the event

Intelligent Chess Challenge is a wonderful opportunity to share your passion for chess with likeminded people from other IT companies. Not only you will have a chance to communicate with IT specialists who play chess, but also to compete for victory.

Beginners as well as professionals in chess are all welcome to join the competition. The organizers expect all participants to be familiar with chess playing rules. Our juries will divide players in such a way that everyone will play with a suitable opponent.

You can take part in the tournament for a fee of 150 UAH for one ticket. All collected costs will be used to purchase equipment for a chess club in Kyiv.

How it will be:

Tournament format – fast chess (10 minutes for a match-game plus 2 seconds for each move). We will play 9 rounds, according to Swiss-system.

To motivate participants to play with determination, Intellias will present three winners with such gifts:  
1 place – Amazon certificate for 100$
2 place – Amazon certificate for 50$
3 place – Amazon certificate for 30$

Additional prize -- Amazon certificate for 50$ waits for the best female player.


We would like to bring your attention to the fact that the event is for technical specialists (engineers, testers, project managers) who work at IT companies. Organizers have the right to moderate applications and to reject applications from participants that do not meet these criteria.

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