In 6 years the number of IT specialists in Lviv grew by almost 80%

In 6 years the number of IT specialists in Lviv grew by almost 80%

In 6 years, the IT industry in Lviv has grown by about 80% in terms of the number of specialists. Currently, 26.5 thousand technical specialists live and work in the region, and the number of IT companies in the city has grown by 156% since 2015. In the field of IT, the region is developing almost the fastest in Ukraine. The data of the international IT company GlobalLogic confirms this trend. The number of specialists in its Lviv location has doubled in 3 years.

The development of the Lviv IT industry is in line with all-Ukrainian trends, and the rapid growth of the industry is observed due to the digital transformation of most sectors of the economy, growing demand for IT products and the increasing number of companies. At the same time, for 3 years on average the local IT market has been growing in specialists by 13% annually. In general, the number of IT professionals in Lviv has increased by a third since 2018.

Lviv remains the third-largest centre in Ukraine in terms of the number of engineers. Mainly IT specialists are involved in projects in large and medium-sized companies. Thus, about 60% of Lviv developers cooperate with companies with 100+ specialists. At the same time, currently, one IT specialist in Lviv creates 3 jobs in technological and related industries, which contributes to the economic development of the country.

Lviv is the second-largest GlobalLogic location. The growth of our Lviv team is ahead of the region's IT industry development pace in terms of the number of specialists. Thus, in the autumn of 2021, we already have 2,000 specialists, which is 100% more than in 2018. During this time, the company opened 2 modern offices in the region and became one of the first residents of Lviv IT Park. Our Lviv developers work on various projects but mainly specialize in medicine, media, telecom and industry projects. Among the outstanding developments of the team are the Pixellot video broadcasting system and the EcoHike eco-application,

comments Igor Kostiv, Junior Vice President in GlobalLogic.

Since 2018, GlobalLogic in Ukraine has grown by more than 90% to 6,900 engineers. Lviv is the leader in terms of the increase in the number of specialists over the past 3 years among the company locations in Ukraine – the number of specialists in the regional office has doubled.


For the study, the company used data from open sources such as DOU and Lviv IT Cluster, as well as internal statistics.

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