Hybris meet-up

Hybris meet-up


Hybris solutions architecture and implementation influence a project dramatically. They can raise business scalability and help deliver focused, accelerated, and cost-effective results when done effectively. 

Join Ciklum Hybris Speakers’ Corner to explore the benefits of using Hybris in the AWS microservice ecosystem and discover the role of Solution Architect.

Sign up if you are:

  • Hybris developer of any level (or a wannabe)
  • Specialist, who is interested in this area and plans to grow professionally in this direction

Language: Russian.

About the speakers

Yurii Kostyshin is a Principal Hybris Developer at Ciklum. Yurii has more than 10 years of experience in Java and 6 years working with Hybris. Yurii has 3+ years of experience as a Hybris Team/Tech Lead in 6 major Hybris projects. 

Currently, he is working as a Technical Architect on the TUI project at Ciklum.

Oleksandr Nebera is a Hybris Solution Architect at Ciklum. Oleksandr has more than 16 years of experience in Software Development, 6 years working with Hybris. Oleksandr has 10+ years of experience as a Hybris Team/Tech Lead and 2+ years as a Solution Architect. 


  • “Hybris in AWS microservice ecosystem” by Yurii Kostyshin, Principal Hybris Developer at Ciklum:
    • Hybris deployment evolution — from on-premise to microservices;
    • Hybris decoupling: critical problems it solves;
    • The starting point for decoupling;
    • Key tools for decoupling that can be used in AWS;
    • Fundamental decoupling problems: generic and AWS-specific.
  • “Solution Architecture Role in Hybris Projects” by Oleksandr Nebera, Hybris Solution Architect at Ciklum:
    • Intro: Role of Solution Architect;
    • Architecting solutions for Hybris Platform;
    • Architecturally Significant Requirements: Requirements and Constraints;
    • Solution Patterns and Styles;
    • Practices and Request for Proposal;
    • Documenting and Technologies stack.

Participation is free