HTML / CSS meetup

HTML / CSS meetup

Program HTML / CSS meetup:

  • Topic: Cool code - code that everyone understands.

Speaker: Kateryna Mishchenko - Principal HTML / CSS Developer at Sigma Software. 

In her speech, Katya will share her approaches to creating the code "for centuries", the code that will be more or less clear to all team members. Even if we return to it in a couple of years, everyone will understand what is going on.

  • Topic: How to make the sphere and navigation friends: menu on the curve.

Speaker: Oleksiy Kaliuzhnyi - a front-end developer and WordPress ninja.

In the speech, Alexey will share a case of the creation of non-standard navigation on a website. He will tell about a way from the statement of a problem, through working with designers to the final realization. The story includes nonstandard layout, CSS variables, work with SVG, GreenSock, and a bit of pain.

Moderator of the meetup: Bondarev Oleg - Senior HTML / CSS engineer at Sigma Software.

Registration is required:


October 25 to 29, Sigma Software invites you to Open Tech Week - a series of charity events that will last during the working week and will gather the IT community for thematic meetings every evening. 

Agenda Open Tech Week: 

  • October 25 — HTML/CSS meetup
  • October 26 — Ruby meetup
  • October 27 — PM meetup
  • October 28 — Big Data meetup
  • October 29 — .NET meetup

By registering for a meetup, you are doing a good deal. The funds will be transfered from the purchased tickets to the charity fund “Wings of Hope” which helps children with difficult life circumstances and oncology.