HR care in IT companies during wartime

HR care in IT companies during wartime

Many Ukrainian companies have cut budgets for insurance, traveling, and expensive corporate events under wartime conditions. The IT company Integrity Vision chose as a priority to donate money to Ukraine’s Armed Forces, refusing large-scale expenses, but retaining small elements of care and development opportunities in the company. 

A culture of trust

In our company, people are the greatest value. Leadership does not require employees to sign sick leave, because everything is built on trust. In such cases, the company asks employees to rest, get treatment, and not combine recovery with work tasks. A culture of trust enhances the atmosphere within the team by improving the relationship between employees!

In addition, the needs of all employees are respected and met. For example, the company does not involve those who don't want to actively spend time. But for those who want to switch themselves and relieve stress, the company organizes bike rides, picnics, ice skating, and other activities.

Areas of development

One of the main components of any company's success is the high level of professionalism and knowledge of all employees. After IT companies set course for foreign markets, it was necessary to upgrade their English skills. So the right teacher guarantees great results. At Integrity Vision, there is an opportunity to practice corporate English, the cost of which is shared by the employee and the company.

The HR department invites professional top speakers among developers to meetups for developers every month. Tech events always motivate employees and give impetus to improvement.

Care packages

When one of our employees is getting sick, we have a tradition of collecting a package of fresh and healthy fruits to make vitamin teas. Usually, it includes lemon, lime, ginger, fresh cranberries, honey, and a sweet treat to elevate mood.

Special attention is also given to the design of the package. We develop and enclose a designer postcard with wishes for a speedy recovery — and it’s all decorated in a corporate style.

One-on-one meetings

Integrity Vision has a People Partner who demonstrates the company's core value in practice. Top managers and the HR department are always concerned about the well-being of employees, how they are doing, and how satisfied they are with work processes.

The company has traditional one-on-one meetings with the HR manager twice a year. In 2023, it is planned to meet three times — once every four months. These meetings raise personal and work-related issues. For instance: satisfaction with work processes, interaction with the leader and the team, what type of development vector an employee considers, emotional state, and what has been bothering the employee recently.

Gifts for employees and their children

Every year, our company prepares a gift with corporate branding, designed stickers, and a postcard. For this purpose, the marketing department works closely with the HR department. Together they think through the gift concept, add a corporate identity and create packaging details. A gift is another way to say “thank you” to employees for their efficient work and great interaction.

Each year, we keep our eyes on addition to our employees’ families and collect individual gifts for different age groups. Currently, the team took into account that the gifts should keep warm in the cold season and could be used without electricity. For example, a set for roasting marshmallows, that doesn’t require gas or light.

Greeting postcards for work anniversary

Integrity Vision employees celebrate professional anniversaries of working for the company. The HR department employees control and administer the process: they enter dates and update information about the achievements of employees in various areas for the current year. The marketing department prepares personalized and unique greetings, and the designer makes postcards where the main character is very similar to the employee with an anniversary. On this day we send a prepared greeting to the corporate chat.

The company has a great difference in work experience: from newcomers who have been working for a few months to a year, to specialists who have been working since the first day of the company's foundation – almost 13 years. You can track the level of employee loyalty by the length of work: e.g, 25% of employees have been working for 6 to 12 years.

Cultivating a healthy lifestyle

The company supports a healthy way of life. Small changes in sports activity and eating habits over time can significantly improve health and positively affect work performance. At corporate events, healthy food is popularized, alcohol is not consumed, and sweets are replaced with healthy alternatives. We also have a special chat where employees share their sports achievements.

Caring is in the details

Although 90% of the company works remotely, the owners of Integrity Vision continue to rent an office with enough workspace for all employees. Since the start of the energy crisis, the company has bought a generator, a charging station, and Starlink to keep everyone working without interruption.

Since all employees live in different districts of Kyiv, the HR department has developed the document “a pair for the path”. Thus, employees, who live close to each other, can band together and share a taxi or give each other rides.

Employees have instructions with the addresses and conditions of coworking spaces. If a person does not live in Kyiv or does not have the opportunity to work in an office for some reason, he/she can find a coworking space, and the company will compensate for the costs.

Support for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

8% of the company's employees are currently in the ranks of the Armed Forces and defending our country. Integrity Vision supports our militaries, so their jobs and partial wages are retained.

If any of the employees have friends or relatives in the Armed Forces and need help, the company announces a collection of donated items or fundraising for them. In this way, we raised money and sent generators and ammunition, winter insulation, a powerful laptop for working with digitized maps, and other things to the front line. Three months ago, together with the “Spirit” hippotherapy center, we launched a project to help militaries with rehabilitation.

Employee care remains the most important and key priority for our company.