How Intellias brings our victory closer

How Intellias brings our victory closer

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, Intellias has donated more than UAH 46 million to support the defenders of Ukraine. The company runs several ongoing volunteer projects and raises money following the military’s requests.

Intellias had supported the Armed Forces of Ukraine before the large-scale invasion started. Namely, on February 16, 2022, one of the colleagues initiated the first fundraising campaign to purchase drones for the Back and Alive Foundation. Right after February 24, following the request from our colleagues, our help became systematic. IntelliShare, a corporate charity platform that enables initiating and supporting essential campaigns, has several ongoing projects. Thanks to these projects and the company's weekly contributions, 104 military units have already received assistance.

In particular, the company bought 54 SUVs and transferred them to the frontline in terms of the "Vehicles for defenders" project. The project is still running, please, follow the link to make a donation:

An ongoing fund-raising campaign to equip drafted colleagues and those employees’ relatives, who are currently defending our country, is also continuing. We managed to purchase 52 bulletproof vests, 65 thermal imagers, 143 walkie-talkies, 8 night vision devices, 8 sniper scopes, and 10 helmets. Intellias regularly supplies the AFU with computers and other necessary equipment, assembling almost 400 units of laptops, computers, monitors, etc.

On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, in August 2022, Intellias purchased the FlyEye unmanned aircraft complex for the AUF at a total cost of UAH 5.5 million. This project was implemented in partnership with the Serhiy Prytula Charitable Fund, which delivered FlyEye to our military in the Kherson area.

Being a Ukrainian company, it’s our duty to support our defenders. Thanks to the IntelliShare corporate portal, the proactive work of our SCR team and the internal communications department, we launched several large-scale volunteer projects right after the beginning of the full-scale invasion and kept increasing their number throughout the year. We can see that our colleagues need them and support them — 95% of Intellias employees support fundraising initiatives and volunteer independently. And we realize that winning the war is key to the further development of our business, our country, and the world, in general,

says Vitaly Sadler, CEO and co-founder of Intellias.

The company takes an active part in the SKY project initiated by the Lviv IT cluster. The project’s objective is to help renovate the "West" air command, which protects the skies of eight regions of western Ukraine. Apart from raising money to buy laptops, tablets, voice gateways, Starlinks, and other equipment, this year Intellias purchased a VR simulator to train mobile air defense forces. The company’s employees raised another UAH 650, 000, which partly covers the purchase of a second stimulator.  

Colleagues from Intellias are working on developing AI/ML solutions for UAVs used by Ukrainian defenders. A team of volunteers developed a custom hardware platform and ML model to detect various classes of objects on the drone camera streams. Currently, it’s used by drone operators to collect intelligence. In the future, it could be extended to other MilTech solutions.

The company pays special attention to the support of women who have joined the Armed Forces. The company’s women's community, IntelliWomen, initiated fundraising for the female military uniform to provide women on the frontline with winter uniforms. So far, the community raised UAH 300,000 to buy 50 sets of the form.

The company also holds regular meetings of the IntelliWomen community, where relevant topics are discussed. The topics cover sexual violence in wartime, women's health, ratification of the Istanbul Convention, and the needs of women on the frontlines. Senior lieutenant of the National Guard of Ukraine Khrystyna "Kudryava" and Ksenia Draganyuk, founder of the NGO "Zemlyachki", shared their insights on the latest topic.

This is only a part of volunteer and social projects implemented by the company in 2022. This year, Intellias will continue to provide active support to our defenders, focusing on meeting their urgent needs. We believe in the Armed Forces and Ukraine's close victory.

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