Among the best in GSA UK TOP Performer Index - 5 ITU members

Among the best in GSA UK Top Performer Index - 5 ITU members

On May, 24 in Manchester, Great Britain, the Global Sourcing Association international organization first presented the results of the GSA UK TOP Performer Index - a ranking of suppliers and service customers that have made a significant contribution to the development of the UK outsourcing industry, including the IT service industry. The rating comprised 5 member-companies of the IT Ukraine Association, which were founded or have offices in Ukraine - Ciklum, Luxoft, Miratech, SoftServe and PwC.

The results of the Top Performer Index are based on market research analyzes, a survey of leading outsourcing experts and GSA's own studies that included assessing the level of satisfaction with the quality of service provision (both from clients and service providers), data obtained during Independent voting for the most effective market companies.

The rating includes 90 companies and organizations working in the UK market in 4 main categories:

  • Buyside Organisation Advocates (30 participants);
  • Service Providers Champions and Challengers (20 participants);
  • Emerging Players (10 members);
  • The Support Community Greats - Consultants, Legal Advisors and Analysts (30 members).

According to the rating, Luxoft (with offices in Ukraine) and SoftServe (based in Ukraine) were included in the list of the best prospective players in the market of outsourcing services (Service Provider Challengers), while Ciklum and Miratech (both of which were based in Kyiv) were on the list dynamically developing companies. PwC has been ranked among the top companies offering consulting, legal and analytical services in the industry.

Recall that already on October 2, the names of the winners of the prestigious Global Sourcing Awards will be announced. Among the honors of the best players in the international IT services market, the country will also be selected, whose companies have become reliable digital service providers for their customers and which make a significant contribution to the development of the industry. This year Ukraine also joined the list of nominees for the "Global Destination of the Year" award.