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This operation area of the Association's work covers projects that help protect IT business and the interests of the IT industry in the field of taxation, countering abuses by controlling and law enforcement agencies representatives, and helping companies to establish a constructive dialogue with the authorities.


  • Diia.City Legal Support Diia.City Legal Support is a legal support project for IT Ukraine members who already are residents of Diia.City, are ready to become residents or are considering such a possibility. The goal of the project is to provide expert assistance to candidate companies for joining Diia.City, to provide legal services for Diia.City resident companies, to help in communication with the Ministry of Digital Affairs on related to Diia.City issues.
  • Legal Talks. Moderated online discussions for the community on political, legal and financial issues, where representatives of participating companies act as the speakers.
  • Q&A Committee Talks are the closed-door meetings of the IT Law Committee for the joint discuusions with experts on hot industry issues and planning further actions.
  • Meetings with experts. In a club format, we regularly discuss current business issues in Ukraine and abroad.
Kateryna Oliynyk

Kateryna Oliynyk

Association Financial and Legal Affairs Vice-President, Arzinger

Lawyer, patent attorney of Ukraine, WIPO domain dispute arbitrator (Geneva, Switzerland). Having got a professional legal degree, she began her career with a specialization in the protection of intellectual property rights and additionally studied at the WIPO Academy (Geneva, Switzerland). Has had an experience in the field of consulting since 2001. Currently focuses on providing consulting services for the IT industry. Lecturer of the "Digital Law" author's course of the Academy of Consulting Business.

Cooperation with the Government and the Parliament

  • The Association fruitfully cooperates with the Office of the President of Ukraine, the Ministry of Digital Transformation and the relevant Committee of the Verkhovna Rada. Our initiatives are taken into account and implemented by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Ministries, in particular the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Social Policy, as well as the relevant specialized Committees of the Parliament.
  • Diia City, a virtual economic zone with a special tax, financial and legal regime. The project was developed jointly with the Ministry of Digital Transformation. The Association actively interacts with the Ministry on this project in terms of advisory assistance and prevention of conditions that could negatively affect the IT business conduct in Ukraine.
  • The Association actively participated in the development of the draft law on the establishment of the Bureau of Economic Security of Ukraine (No. 3959-1).
  • The Association initiated the project of the Law on Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts on Simplifying the Regulation of Labor Relations in the Small and Medium-Sized Business Area and Reducing the Administrative Burden on Business Activity (No. 5371).
  • The Association assisted the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in the development of the Governmental program for stimulating the economy to overcome the negative consequences caused by restrictive measures to prevent the emergence and spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) for 2020-2022 as a part of measures to support the IT sector of the economy.
  • The Association has developed a draft law "Mask-show Stop-3", which is being under consideration in the Verkhovna Rada. This draft law is aimed at protecting the IT business from abuses by investigators and prosecutors during the company raids.

Interaction with the most authoritative public organizations and business associations

The Association has the experience of many years in cooperation with the European Business Association (EBA), the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine (ACC), the Ukrainian Business Council (UBC) and the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs (SUP).

The result of cooperation was the lobbying of many initiatives that are strategically important for the IT industry.

Primarily, such initiatives are those developed by the Association and aimed at creating favorable conditions for doing business in Ukraine:

  • Prohibition on the new state institutions creation to regulate the IT industry and the introduction of additional regulation of the economy, especially regarding export IT;
  • Prohibition on tax increases for the IT industry, as well as changes in existing taxation conditions;
  • Providing an opportunity for IT companies to cooperate with IT professionals who provide them with services as sole traders, without the risk of reclassification of such cooperation into hidden labor relations;
  • Protection of the right of IT specialists to freely choose cooperation with legal entities (it should be not only labor relations, but also relations between sole traders and legal entities);
  • Prohibition on the State Labor Office of IT companies inspections in cases where there is no statement by an individual about a violation of labor legislation against them;
  • Modernization of domestic labor legislation.

IT Law Committee

The IT Law Committee, as a structural division of the Association, represents the most powerful permanent community of experts in the field of law, finance, cyber security, management of IT companies, their HR and IT specialists.

The committee summarizes experience, develops expertise, provides knowledge sharing, and resolves current issues of the Ukrainian IT industry.

Legal support for the operation of the Committee is provided by our partners: ALCOR, ARZINGER, ASTERS, GOLAW, SAYENKO KHARENKO, STRON.

Meetings of the Committee take place on a regular basis - monthly. Each meeting has its own program and list of questions. During the meetings, we discuss plans and challenges, form a strategy and exchange experience.

The Committee performs the following tasks:

  • Expert assistance to companies-participants of IT Ukraine on legal, financial and economic issues
  • Comment and proposal submission regarding draft laws and other legal acts that concern the IT industry
  • Expert assistance on the Association development of regulatory legal acts, open letters, appeals, etc. regarding the protection of the interests of the IT industry or the members of the Association.

As part of the Committee's activities, the results of the Association's work on projects aimed at helping the IT business are reviewed.

The abovementioned is primarily about Diia.City Legal Support, E-support, lobbying the IT industry interests in the reservation for mobilization, relocation of professionals and crossing the border during the War, taxation abroad, countering the representatives of controlling and law enforcement agencies abuse, helping companies to establish a constructive dialogue with the authorities.