Сhallenger AI | Ideathon 1

Сhallenger AI | Ideathon 1

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Challenger AI | Ideathon 1 – an event where ideas turn into startups and a place where first prototypes are created. On January 25, a 4-hour intensive brainstorm session will happen at the biggest innovation park of Ukraine – Unit.City.

During the event, you will be able to propose your innovative solution for the real business cases from the MHP agro&industrial holding.

MHP is a leader of the Ukrainian agricultural industry with equity and international production assets in the Balkans. 

What are the directions of business cases?

  • Predictive maintenance. Automated monitoring of production and non-production equipment, real-time data collection and analysis, timely prediction of equipment malfunctioning.
  • Computer technology in production. Operational monitoring of compliance with technological processes and quality management in accordance with regulations, instant detection of any deviations in the process.
  • Using AI/ML technology in retail. AI/ML-based analytics of retail processes for increasing revenue and working with clients’ behavior.
  • Agro AI. Comprehensive work with the crops, automation, and robotization of technical operations in the field.

What will you get as a participant?

  • Learning about innovative cases based on the experience of the MHP enterprise;
  • Benefiting from the expertise of the leading experts of the agricultural holding;
  • Accessing resources of the agricultural holding;
  • Receiving instant feedback and recommendations.

Owners of the best idea will get an invitation to participate in a 3-month accelerator program Challenger AI.

Challenger AI is an intensive accelerator program for startups with AI/ML solutions powered by CIVITTA and RadarTech, implemented with financial support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Estonia and Western NIS Enterprise Fund.

Participation is free of cost but the number of participants is limited.

Who is this event for?

  • For everyone who is obsessed with AI/ML technologies, has innovative ideas for business but doesn’t have resources to develop them
  • For teams of startup-enthusiasts looking for new ideas
  • For already experienced teams ready to quickly analyze hypotheses and crash-test ideas

To become a participant, please fill out this registration form