Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Training Program for DevOps

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Training Program for DevOps


EPAM invites Cloud DevOps Engineers with at least one year of experience working with AWS, Azure, GCP, OpenStack, IBM, Alibaba, etc., to join EPAM and participate in a training program that will help you improve the skills and discover new career opportunities as a Cloud DevOps/Infrastructure Engineer for the Google Cloud Platform in EPAM.

With EPAM you can not only get experience working with Google Cloud, but also get a "Certified Google Cloud Engineer" certification absolutely free of charge. The Google Cloud Practice EPAM global team has more than 500 certified engineers, and you can become a part of this powerful community. And most importantly — EPAM team is focused on the constant professional growth of everyone!

You can join the program remotely.

Details about the program and registration form: