GlobalLogic: Feedback

Anna Shcherbakova

Anna Shcherbakova

Head of Operations, GlobalLogic Ukraine

From the first day of the War, we faced a key challenge - to protect our people; to protect the lives and health of our colleagues and their loved ones.

That is why, from the first hours of the War, we started evacuating our people from hot spots, helped with logistics, resettlement, provided financial and mental support.

After the initial shock, we faced new challenges: the mobilization of our specialists to the ranks of the Armed Forces, the impossibility of crossing the board to continue operating projects, and then the instability in the currency exchange rate policy.

In each of these issues, we acted in sync with IT Ukraine - the Association was and is a counterpoint that primarily hears requests from the industry and communicates them with the government and society.

As a business, we are grateful to the Association for regular and detailed clarification of market trends and news - this allows us to see a broader perspective and stay abreast of current events.

We are aware that only thanks to our consolidated efforts, all of us - as the fastest growing industry - will achieve even greater results for the benefit of Ukraine and Ukrainians. Especially in this difficult, terrible war time.

At GlobalLogic we believe that the professionalism of Ukrainian IT specialists is extremely high, and the impact they create on the lives of each of us is invaluable. If we all continue to demonstrate professional achievements both domestically and internationally, this will strengthen Ukraine's reputation as an attractive region for investment.

So let's stay together and maintain the reputation, colleagues!