GlobalLogic's Testimonial on participation in IT Ukraine

Anna Shcherbakova

Anna Shcherbakova

AVP, Head of Operations GlobalLogic Ukraine

GlobalLogic has been an active member of the IT Ukraine Association for many years. During this time, a lot has been done with joint efforts. Both for the development of the Ukrainian IT industry itself and for the promotion of the industry as one of the key ones for the country's economy.

According to the results of 2020, the volume of Ukrainian IT exports exceeded $5 billion for the first time and the industry has significant potential for further growth. But for its implementation, it is extremely important to have a common vision of the future of Ukrainian IT by all market participants and a common position of IT companies on key issues of industry development. In my opinion, this is the most important task of the association and its greatest value for the IT community, which IT Ukraine has carried for many years.

In addition to consolidating the industry, IT Ukraine has always been the only loudspeaker for IT to communicate with public authorities. The real test for this was 2020, which was extremely full of government initiatives on IT. And we are pleased to see that the common position of the industry and the active participation of IT Ukraine helps the industry to be heard and to influence key legislative initiatives regarding IT in a dialogue mode.

The IT Ukraine Association also conducts many useful initiatives that are clearly beyond the capabilities of individual companies, but are useful for the entire industry - promoting Ukrainian IT in international markets among foreign customers, conducting and publishing Ukrainian IT researches, numerous charitable and educational initiatives. Such measures are extremely important, especially in a difficult quarantine year. After all, they don’t only contribute to the growth of industry, but also stimulate the development of Ukrainian society, key institutions and the economy of Ukraine in general.

The GlobalLogic team, one of the largest IT companies in Ukraine, is grateful for the opportunity to join the association's projects. After all, only by joint efforts we can make significant positive changes in industry, society and our state.