GlobalLogic estimated at $ 2 billion

GlobalLogic estimated at $ 2 billion

The Swiss company Private Equity, part of the investment fund Partners Group, has bought 48% share in GlobalLogic, previously owned by Apax Partners. As a result of an agreement between Partners Group and Apax Partners, GlobalLogic's total value was estimated at more than $ 2 billion.

Partners Group is one of the largest global investment funds with a market value of assets of $ 74 billion. After acquiring GlobalLogic shares, they became the new strategic investor of the company, replacing Apax Partners with this position.

With a profit of over $ 500 million and an organic growth of 20%, GlobalLogic has increased profits and EBITDA more than double since Apax Partners first invested in the company in 2013. The company has been and remains an innovator in digital product development services, with its 12,000 employees working in design studios and engineering centers around the world. GlobalLogic also helps customers create innovative digital products that improve customer engagement and create new revenue streams.

GlobalLogic is a market's favorite, with a high dynamic and talented managing team. The digital transformation in the entire economy is demanding the services of engineering the products of the next generation, and this is a long-term trend, which, according to our expectations, will continue for many years

Todd Miller, Managing Director of Private Equity Americas

The demand for digital product development services is growing rapidly, and GlobalLogic helps organizations move forward in the digital arena. The new generation of Cloud Platforms, Mobile & Web Apps, IoT and other digital technologies have reinforced the essential need for branding to be inventive and able to offer customers individualized and consistent service experience. GlobalLogic helps its customers create these innovative products and accelerate their journey to the future in order to become a digital business tomorrow. Thanks to the partnership group, the company can use the company's relationship as it seeks to continue to grow its business, especially in Europe.

Partners Group has a rich and successful experience of working with companies of high temp of growth, and we are very pleased to have an investor who understands our business and shares our vision of creating a more solid company. We are grateful to Apax Partners for their strong partnership and strategic support over the past four and a half years, and we look forward to our next step in expanding our geographic markets with a new investment partner

Shashank Samant, General Director of GlobalLogic

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