Future Processing Ukraine

About company

Future Processing Ukraine is a subsidiary of the Polish software service provider Future Processing, which cooperates with various European companies, including the United Kingdom and Scandinavia.

The main office was founded in 2000 in Poland and already has more than 1,100 people. Since 2007, FP has been awarded the title of Microsoft Certified Partner, which confirms the professionalism and quality of services provided.

The company is an expert in software development. We use experience, technical knowledge, innovation, and creativity so that our customers receive the software that meets their needs.

Future Processing Ukraine now has more than 60 people and has an office in Ternopil. In early autumn 2021, a program to increase the developer's skills FPUcraft launched, which aims to improve the technical skills of developers in the selected technology - .NET, Java, or Node.JS. The program lasts from 3 to 6 months, paid with a real project and the opportunity to improve their skills in implementation, integration, and teamwork.

Additional Info

Office in Ukraine: Ternopil, Lviv

Number of specialists in Ukraine: 60 - 70

Office abroad: Gliwice, Poland 

Number of specialists abroad: 1000

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