Flash Mob #IT_fights_COVID19 Starts

Flash Mob #IT_fights_COVID19 Starts

The quarantine, caused by the coronavirus epidemic, is continuing for the third week in Ukraine. IT companies, designers, businesspeople, and public organizations are consolidating their efforts and helping the country overcome the spread of COVID-19. The IT industry also makes a considerable effort in this. The Association "IT Ukraine" launches a flash mob #IT_fights_COVID19 so that everyone can learn about the initiatives of the IT business aimed at fighting coronavirus in Ukraine.



We invite to participate IT-companies, IT-clusters in regions, as well as IT-specialists who create online-platforms or other information services for counteracting COVID-19.



Just add the hashtag #IT_fights_COVID19 to your next social media post about what the company or initiative has done to overcome COVID-19 faster. This is how we learn about IT initiatives that counteract the coronavirus.


We remind that since the outbreak of the coronavirus in Ukraine, the IT industry has become actively involved in rendering of help. IT companies help overcome COVID-19 in the following ways:

  • they establish separate funds to counter COVID-19 (N-iX and Innovecs),
  • repair/purchase and transfer to the hospitals personal protective equipment for doctors, medical equipment, etc.  (ELEKS, Miratech, SoftServe),
  • buy test systems for diagnostics COVID-19 (ELEKS, Intellias, N-iX),
  • develop online platforms for rapid response to challenges caused by the disease (SoftServe experience in cooperation with the Lviv regional council),
  • they hold charity cyber sport marathons, the funds from which are being directed for the creating of a vaccine against the COVID-19 virus (Techiia holding).


Work is also carried out in the regions:

  • IT Dnipro Community and RunIT have launched an online platform Dnipro vs Covid-19. It has been created to coordinate efforts to help health workers of Dnipro in the fight against coronavirus infection.
  • Kharkiv IT cluster launched the # It4life initiative, which as of 30 March had collected UAH 3,700,000.00 to overcome the coronavirus in the Kharkiv region;
  • Lviv IT Cluster jointly with the city authorities and the Rapid response headquarters to combat the spread of coronavirus in Lviv launched the United for Health project. As of March 25, the team collected the first UAH 3 million to fight against coronavirus in Lviv region.


If you want to tell us about your successful experience in countering COVID-19 participate in the flash mob #IT_fights_COVID19. If you want to help or need help join the #AntiVirus project.