EPAM Ukraine starts a spring wave of eKids education program

EPAM Ukraine starts a spring wave of eKids education program

EPAM's global social initiative eKids on teaching pupils the basics of coding is being implemented in more than 14 countries within the presence of EPAM Systems. In Ukraine it spreads over five cities, where local offices of IT-company are located.

During the three years of the project, hundreds of Ukrainian children have already obtained basic knowledge of programming in Scratch, HTML/CSS and Python due to the efforts of volunteers from EPAM Ukraine. Generally, more than 175 company programmers’ children took part in the spring and autumn waves, and more than 65 volunteer teachers trained them. This year, only the spring wave already has more than 190 students interested in studying. Volunteer movement among employees is also intensifying. Currently, training will be conducted by over 80 trainers who have already completed thorough training. An increase in wishing to learn about the programmer's profession is observed in Kharkiv, and the most active volunteer movement was formed in Lviv. Usually high interest is observed in Kyiv.The training is designed as a game and will continued on March and April. With the help of Scratch language, kids create cartoons, games and information projects as one of the themes of Sustainable Development Goals. This language helps to learn how to think creatively, systematically and work as a team - vital skills for 21st century.

I am pleased that our education initiative eKids in Ukraine grows every year. This means that we have chosen the right direction in social activities. I am very grateful to each of our volunteers who thoroughly prepare for their studies and spend their weekends with eager pupils. As a responsible business, we understand that investing in children's education is an investment in the development of the entire country

Yurii Antoniuk, Head of ЕРАМ Ukraine

In 2017, eKids projects based on Scratch were recognized at the Scratch4Good Global Corporate Contest. 30 projects from Hungary, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland and the USA competed on the championship. Four Ukrainian projects got to the top five by points. Key criterion for assessing the jury was social significance, creativity, integrated approach and ease of usage. This is not the only initiative for teaching children. EPAM Ukraine is first IT-company which opened a Scratch coding station in kids' profession city KidsWill in Kyiv. Since May, 2017 more than 5,000 children had an opportunity to get acquainted with the programmer's profession. In addition to a fully equipped station, volunteers regularly provide training for teachers and children. Business also provides technical support in the provision of programming clubs for children in cooperation with Code.UA.