EPAM starts cooperation with higher educational institutions in Odesa

EPAM starts cooperation with higher educational institutions in Odesa

EPAM Ukraine has signed collaboration agreements with two higher educational institutions in Odesa. Odesa Polytechnic State University and the National University “Odesa Law Academy” became the company's first partners among universities in the southern region of Ukraine.

For more than 10 years EPAM Ukraine has been implementing educational initiatives in partnership with the country's leading universities. Collaboration between the company and higher education institutions is a mutually beneficial partnership that helps to develop young talents and allows us to shape a strong IT community of Ukraine.

Investment in high-quality education has been one of EPAM’s top priorities for a long time. Nowadays the IT industry evolves so rapidly, that universities simply can’t keep in pace with curriculum updates. This is a global challenge. That’s why we establish collaboration with universities to help students in gaining practical experience and educators in keeping their knowledge up to date. Over 1200 young specialist have already joined our company and we believe that there will be graduates of Odesa Polytechnic University and the Odesa Law Academy among our future colleagues,

commented Sergei Garashchuk, the head of EPAM Ukraine South.

Currently students of the partner universities have an opportunity to do their internships on real IT projects, join mentoring programmes conducted by EPAM experts, and take an inside look at the modern IT company to shape their further professional development path.

Teachers can take part in various special projects for educators, including the Teacher’s Internship initiative, that began in 2017. It is aimed to provide educators with up-to-date knowledge and let them to get hands-on experience using high-end technologies and popular frameworks.

While visiting universities, we met young people who are really in love with their future profession. They practice in robotics, and create their own applications, which is really inspiring. This is evidence that they have made a conscious choice, rather than simply following the advice of others. They found the profession that they are truly interested in and our goal is to help them develop, grow and become competitive in the global labour market,

Denys Grynov, head of EPAM University in Ukraine said.

EPAM Ukraine collaborates with 30 higher educational institutions all over the country and continuously expands the list of partners.

Since 1993 EPAM Systems helps global business to develop, implement and maintain software solutions of all levels of complexity.

The Company has been working in Ukraine since 2005 offering various digital transformation services and software development. Today EPAM Ukraine is the leader of the IT industry of Ukraine by revenue and talent pool. Currently EPAM Ukraine joins over 12000 IT specialists.

Since 2020 EPAM has been actively expanding in the Southern region of Ukraine. Currently over 250 IT specialists are involved in the company’s projects and this number is steadily increasing.