EPAM stands with Ukraine and recaps 200 days of humanitarian aid

EPAM stands with Ukraine and recaps 200 days of humanitarian aid

  • Donating 67 million hryvnias
  • Helping Ukraine, its people and educational partners
  • Volunteer efforts & 15 IT projects to support community initiatives and educational institutions / programs

Since February 24, the EPAM’s top priority has been safety of thousands of Ukrainian teammates, their families, and the comprehensive support of Ukraine. In March, the Company committed $100 million dollars to help EPAMer specialists and family member, and in April, created a special EPAM Ukraine Assistance Fund to unite the efforts of specialists, partners, and clients to provide humanitarian aid to people and communities where it is most needed.

We received hundreds of requests to help - from our employees, our partners, our customers, various fund organizations, representatives of local authorities, forced migrants from all over the country. To organize a systemic approach, we formed an operational response team, who have been working tirelessly to coordinate all relief work. Currently, we are cooperating with more than 30 international and local funds. Over the past six months, EPAM, in partnership with these entities, has provided assistance to Ukraine in the amount of 67 million hryvnias. Additionally, 100 million in taxes were paid in advance to the state budget, - shared vice president, head of EPAM Ukraine, Stepan Mitish on the course of the large-scale humanitarian response program the

EPAM’s response program has focused on the following 3 areas:

Helping people:

  • Donating 4 million hryvnias worth of first aid supplies and food for forcibly displaced persons. (To date almost 9 thousand people have received help.)
  • Donating more than 23 million hryvnias worth of medical support and assistance to hospitals. (Ambulances, first-aid kits, turnstiles, medical preparations, and more have been purchased.)
  • Donating nearly 25 million hryvnias worth of protective gear and special equipment. (helping to fund purchase of evacuation vehicles, clothing, shoes, helmets and body armor, demining equipment, etc.)

Helping the state:

  • Paying 100 million hryvnias in taxes in advance.
  • Donating hundreds of pieces of equipment and furniture for state bodies, hospitals, educational institutions and city councils in de-occupied cities and towns.

Helping educational partners and providing educational support:

  • In the spring, in the partnership with AWS, the critical infrastructure of almost two dozen universities, in particular those in the war zones, was transferred to the cloud environment.
  • In April, EPAM University launched a free IT Fundamentals program to teach the basics of computer engineering. It became the largest project in the entire history of the company, involving 12 thousand newcomers.
  • The Company's experts also joined the project of the Ministry of Digital Transformation “The IT Generation”, the purpose of which is to give Ukrainians the opportunity to obtain a new profession in IT.
  • In July, EPAM mentors supported Ukraine’s student team at the 2022 International Mathematics Olympiad.

EPAM team members in Ukraine and around the world have mobilized immediately to contribute in any way possible, and today more than 10,000 EPAMers continue to help.

The volunteer movement inside EPAM is strong. In fact, according to internal surveys, more than 800 Ukrainian colleagues consider themselves to be volunteers, about 100 of them are active in social initiatives or their own volunteer projects. Every week, the internal community of volunteers closes about ten very different requests - from providing first-aid kits to supplying needed aid, clothing, food, to buying a car.

Additionally, the Company’s IT specialists have implemented 15 digital solutions at the request of government institutions, namely, a platform was developed to facilitate faster registration of humanitarian goods at the border, a platform for collecting data for organizing a sowing campaign and a website to coordinate aid in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk.

The digitalized data on the assistance provided can be found in the attached infographic.   

We continue to proactively work with our customers and partners to keep Ukraine and Ukrainians at the top of our minds—driving contributions to the EPAM Ukraine Assistance Fund to support ongoing relief efforts. added Stepan Mitish.

Donate today to the EPAM Ukraine Assistance Fund at www.epam.com/support-ukraine-donation.