EPAM launches a unique data collecting platform InfoNgen 7.0

EPAM launches a unique data collecting platform InfoNgen 7.0

EPAM Systems, Inc. (NYSE: EPAM) announced the launch of the Analytical Platform InfoNgen 7.0, which will be able to allocate data from more than 200 000  multilingual web sources, as well as conduct a comprehensive sentimental analysis of texts. Connecting the capabilities of machine learning through neural networks greatly improves the accuracy of issuance and helps users to detect hidden patterns, trends and anomalies. InfoNgen users can quickly receive, analyze and distribute information and, as a result, accelerate the adoption of competitive business decisions.

About 80% of the data, which is growing rapidly, today is unstructured, so companies can miss huge amounts of important information for business. These are social media data, various kinds of content, as well as corporate information (e-mail, documents, presentations). Such data includes information that will help transform a business model by identifying competitive advantages and creating a successful business strategy.


The ability to distinguish strategic information, especially through the analysis of structured and unstructured data, brings significant benefits to companies. This information helps businesses quickly understand, recognize and respond to weaknesses in their activities to gain competitive advantage. The ability to quickly consolidate and analyze unstructured data is a necessary step towards real digital transformation. InfoNgen is an easy-to-set solution that allows you to quickly aggregate and find patterns in data to improve the quality of the decisions you make.

Jitin Agrawal, VP & Director on Business-products in EPAM

InfoNgen satisfies the needs of users in the field of financial and legal services, medicine and biotechnology, high technology, industry, retail and many other industries. Its possible options are:

Receiving Brand Information and Competitive Analysis. Identification of market strategies and industry trends through the study of competitive activity in real time;

Search by enterprise data. Quick connection and search by structured and unstructured data of the enterprise for revealing of hidden regularities, trends and anomalies;

Information about the market situation. Aggregation and monitoring of relevant data and news about the brand, clients, partners and competitors;

Analysis of customer requests and reviews. Receipt on demand of analytical information about the real attitude of customers to products (goods), marketing policies and marketing campaigns;

Tracking regulatory requirements and risk management. Monitoring of the adoption of new legal acts and reduction of expenses for their observance at the expense of detection of violations as quickly as possible;

Detection of counterfeit products and fraudulent schemes. Detect, monitor and respond to intruders who fake products and steal trade secrets.


The global service provider market is changing rapidly, and our customers are keen to come up with integrated platform solutions with a wider range of options along with platform development. Our practical approach to this task includes the integration of partner solutions, open source components, our own EPAM platforms, and our business products, such as InfoNgen. Thus, we can offer our customers a holistic solution to their most complex business problems

Elayna Schechter, VP & Director on Marketing and Strategy in EPAM


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